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7/20/13 3:36 P

Don't do anything you are not ready for. Last thing you want is an injury from trying to stand on your head. Take it slow and focus on the basics and pretty soon you will be amazed at how much you have improved.

7/20/13 1:19 P

One of my local yoga studios has something they call "karma classes." Basically, they're free, but you can pay as much as you want or as much as you have. It would be a good, no-commitment way to get a professional opinion on how you're doing. Check to see if there's a studio near you that has such a thing, and then go. That way, if you are having any troubles with form, there's someone there to help you out!

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7/20/13 7:33 A

Make sure it's a beginner yoga DVD! Yoga by video is hard to do anyway, because a big part of yoga class is having the instructor there to correct your form. Yoga's hard regardless, but if your form is incorrect, it's harder and you can potentially hurt yourself. Ideally, you'd be able to go to a local yoga studio for a few classes (no more than 3 or so would probably be fine) designed specifically for beginners before moving to DVDs, but if that option's not available, definitely make sure the DVD is for beginners, since beginner DVDs tend to give better, clearer instructions regarding how to get into/out of the poses safely.

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7/19/13 10:22 P


Keep at it, I think you will be happily surprised how quickly you will gain strength and stamina with consistency. I was amazed with my own progress when I started from a walk around the block to easily trekking around all day. emoticon

7/19/13 9:18 P

I buy the yoga mat, the yoga dvd, and damn i am out of shape, any suggestions friends? emoticon

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