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Hi Becky,
Thank you for answering my question and yes it was very helpful.

8/28/13 7:53 P

I assume you are talking about added sugar like: table sugar, honey, syrups, brown sugar, etc.

The sugar listing on a food label (and used in nutritional analysis) is very deceptive for it includes not only the added sugar (as listed above), but also the natural sugar found in fruits, yogurt, milk, etc. Therefore in some foods like cola (which is all added sugar), the 40 grams listed in the 12 ounce can means about 10 teaspoons of added sugar. However, the 12 grams of sugar in a glass of milk---comes from just the natural milk sugar--there is NONE added.

For the recipes in the Spark Solution---there is very little added sugar. But if you want the amount, you could easily determine this. For example: the quick and easy granola, page 165. This recipe contains 1 ingredient of added sugar, the 1 tablespoon brown sugar. This recipe make 4 servings. So in your 1 serving you would be getting 3/4 teaspoon of added sugar.

A general recommendation for overall health, is to keep "added" sugar intake to less than 6 teaspoons daily.

Hope this helps

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Hi! My name is Marsha and I have ordered the SparkSolution book. I am beginning to follow the plan which is awesome. However, after reviewing the recipes, I noticed that with your nutrition information, the number of grams of sugar are not included. Can you please explain why. I am trying to keep my sugar intake to a minimum and it would be helpful if this information was provided. Thank you.

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