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9/26/13 4:48 P

I'm not implying that I 'would' stop tracking,,,but I HAVE been tracking with an enormous gain in inches...and ima kinda sick of being so food obsessed that I can't eat anything without checking what the macros are in it first,,,and then feeling guilty, or deprived depending on whether or not I eat said food or not. Even if its something extra chicken. For example, i'm totally paniced because I will be out for supper tomorrow at someones house and have no control over what they are serving...I mean, it's not like going to a restaurant, which I just don't go to anymore, where you can pick and choose what you have...someones home is their castle ya know.

sigh...pity over

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9/26/13 3:54 P

I would definitely not stop tracking.... there is no rule that says if you go paleo you have to stop tracking.

It still stands that calories in vs. calories out is how we lose weight. However, if this is a satiety issue preventing you from eating the fewer calories required to lose weight... you may want to look at your diet and macros.

I would say, given your stats and particularly if you are fairly sedentary outside exercise that 1700 cals would be too high for significant weight loss to occur. You also have to check your compliance rate and be sure that you are indeed eating the amount of calories you are recording; weighing food, not tracking extra bites or nibbles, etc.

If that's all in order... I find that choosing *whole* and clean foods helps with satiety. Take a look at your diet and see if there are any extra calories that don't do much for you satiety-wise, cut them out and replace them with equal calorie food that will.

When it comes to your carbs... choose more fibrous carbs, over starchy and especially added sugars. Choose *whole* carbs. You may want cut back on breads, baked goods and pastas and replace them with more veg and legumes. When it comes to a nice filling low calorie bread... for some reason I find weight watcher's whole wheat pitas very filling! They're only 90 cals and tend to be lower in carbs but higher in protein than a lot of alternatives. If you have pasta, choose a whole grain or whole wheat variety. I personally don't eat much pasta but when I do, I use less than a serving and fill it up with veg, legumes and protein.

You could try cutting back on your carb intake and putting those calories into your healthy fats. I find when it comes to satiety, nothing beats fat and protein (which paleo promotes).

I do not believe macros directly effect "fat"-loss (key word 'fat'). However, less carbs can effect fluid retention and manipulating your macros ***as well as they type of food that makes up those macros*** can help with satiety and help you to consume less calories.

I am not one for extremes or following any specific diet. I believe moderation is the key to healthy living. I still think there is always something to be learnt from some of the more popular diets out there. My macros tend to be 40% carbs, 25-30% protein and 30-35% fats. When it comes to cutting calories, I take a look at my current diet and cut the non-essential calories (desserts, condiments, drinks, baked goods, bread, saturated fats, some starchy carbs, added sugars, etc) that are not likely to keep me feeling full or will add more calories than they're worth. I aim for lots of veg, a little bit of fruit, legumes, whole grains, plenty of lean protein, healthy fats and go plain with my dairy.

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9/26/13 3:06 P

So, thought id just reply to this topic (as I started it) and just wanted to add to it.

I've always been a believer in 'if it fits your macros' theory...IE...if you have room for carbs, eat some oats, room for fats, eat some avocado....etc. I'm not implying that you should eat pizza, but if you 'save' room for it, why not right?

Well, i'm convinced that I was pretty much wrong. I cannot lose inches/fat no matter how little I eat...and if I eat too little, I just go wild later, so not really helpful. I've been eating according to the tracker of 1600ish cal/day for weeks + regular exercise including heavy weights with increasing measurements.

I'm thinking that going a different direction (paleo perhaps?) may be the answer. I'm terrified of 'not' tracking tho....I tend to over eat very easily....I mean, the theory is you can eat as much veg as u want along with protein and some fat,,,but lets face it, I can eat a whole chicken if given the chance.


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9/16/13 12:04 P

if you have a lot of weight to lose, you should switch back to the regular tracker.

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9/15/13 9:34 P

Measurement *after* bootcamp ended was a *$#(*&% disaster. up 4 pounds, up 3 inches, no change in BF%.

Eating less than 1650/day since resetting the tracker here. Very frustrating!! Started crossfit last week (2x/week for now), continue to bike until the weather does not permit(which will be soon :(

I'm almost as fat as I was when i started 3 years ago when I was eating french fries as a snack..uggghh....why do I bother being hungry......

sorry for the rant.

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8/30/13 5:48 P

the idea is that you set your tracker up for a loss.which means that without exercise accounted for, you should be losing weight. when you exercise, that increases the deficit you're making, so you eat those exercise calories back in order to maintain the deficit number you are trying to get. otherwise the added exercise calories would create too large of a deficit.

8/30/13 4:11 P

I think you are taking in too many calories for weight loss to occur.
When I enter your data and "guess" at a few items:
age 30
175 pounds
1 pound weekly weight loss goal
1500 calories burned weekly through exercise

I get a calorie range of 1350-1700.

I would stick with about 1400-1500 on a non-exercise day and no more than 1700 on an exercise day and see how you feel, your energy level, and your weekly weight loss.


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8/30/13 3:44 P

Here's the answers to your questions....
Range 1400-1800 (i'm sticking to that on non exercise days,,,usually on the high side, but normally not over unless *reward* meal 1x/week)

Starting weight 175, target 155 by Feb 4.

Exercise bootcamp 2x/week, outside bike ride at least 20km/week, core training 1x/week(class)....usually burns 1000-1600/week.

Bootcamp ends in 1 more week,,,plan to try crossfit after that.

I must admit....on the exercise days when the cals go up according to the cals spent, I tend to eat at the upper end. Guess i'll try to just stick to the 1800/day regardless.

8/30/13 3:23 P

I too am curious to have you share more about your calorie ranges and your calories you are burning daily.

Since you have been at this for 8 weeks and not losing weight---I agree that "eating back" all your calories is putting you out of weight loss range.

Perhaps eat back only 1/2 the amount. Or do not begin to eat back calories until you are above 300 calories burned through exercise for the day.

Hopefully you will share more.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/30/13 3:06 P

What's your starting weight, how much are you trying to lose, how fast are you trying to lose it, what's your calorie range (pre-exercise) and how much exercise have you been doing? Oh, and how well are you sticking to your ranges?

OK, I think I'm out of questions now. ;)

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8/30/13 2:48 P

Sorry for the double post...couldn't delete in another board.

So I have the nutrition/exercise synced...IE, if I work out more I can eat more (uhh...yay).
However, isn't it counter productive to eat back the cals you just burnt off? I'm slightly obsessed with the tracker, so when I see i can eat 400 cals more, I most certainly do(yesterday was a prime example).

I have lost ZERO weight or inches in 8 weeks, so i'm thinkin this is not the way i should use the tracker....


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