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4/8/14 8:36 A

My feet ached so badly when I first started on the elliptical! I have very flat feet and my arches felt like they were on fire. However, after the first few weeks, that really went away. My feet got used to the exercise and the muscles around my arches have strengthened.

My toes have gone numb a few times...I was told to make sure I am going backwards on the elliptical every so often (I do it for one minute every fourth minute). That helps by changing the way your feet absorb the pressure of your stride, as does flexing your feet every so often.

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4/7/14 11:36 A

The same thing always happens to me. It doesn't fuss me so much, if I can't feel them it is one less thing to ache.

I do find it isn't as bad when I wear running socks though.

4/7/14 10:51 A

Make sure that you are flexing your feet and that your shoes aren't laced too tightly.

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4/6/14 9:42 P

4/6/14 8:57 P

It does somewhat but by the time I am done with my running my feet are throbbing. And the numbness returns even after wiggling my toes. I usually curl them up tight and it gives me a minute or two of relief then its back again. And it is kind of difficult to run with your toes curled emoticon

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4/6/14 8:52 P

even wiggling your toes every 2-3 minutes doesn't help?

4/6/14 8:47 P

Does anyone know why my feet would hurt and my toes go numb when I run or use the elliptical?? I have good running shoes and even got a special insole to help my high arches from falling. But nothing seems to help. Any ideas why my feet would go numb\?

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