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3/7/14 6:06 P

I wish that with SP that you could average out calorie intake over the week and not focus so much on daily intake. My intake varies depending on all kinds of things like overall activity level that day, did I do extra cardio or strength training that day (or the day before), if I'm sick etc.

I don't like feeling like I have to eat when I'm not hungry, almost as much as I don't like being told not to eat when I am. So instead I focus on eating clean whole foods as much as possible. Lots of vegetables and healthy fats and protein. Foods with low to no added sugars.


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3/7/14 10:27 A

For me, it doesn't phase me to go below. I lose faster at the lowest, or a little lower (I am also kinda sedentary, so...).

But to truly understand what is going on with you, you need to tell us what is your range, how far below are you going, and how often.

Going below by 200 calories 2x a week is no big deal. Going below by 500 5x a week is something that needs to be addressed.

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3/7/14 10:10 A

Okay, here was my experience. Your mileage may vary, and all that.

The SP tracker told me I should be eating a truly stupendous number of calories. My LoseIt app told me more or less the same thing. Everyone here on the boards told me I HAD to eat within my range or I'd never lose weight. So I ate, and ate, and ate, and ATE and ate, and you guessed it - no weight loss happened. Finally one night I was looking at my app, and after eating dinner until I was stuffed I still had something like 400 calories left for the day, and I just quit.

I stopped tracking. I ate Primal, ate when I was hungry, and stopped when I was full. The weight I wanted to lose fell off and hasn't shown itself since. The moral is: don't starve yourself, but you can't force-feed yourself thin either. The models used to produce those ranges work for some people but not for others. Let your body tell you how hungry you are.

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3/6/14 10:53 A

If you are meeting the top end of your base calorie needs or around 1500 calories on the days you exercise but not eating back the calories for exercise, you are fine and on the right track. If you are burning more than 500 calories you may want to go several hundred calories over the top end or mid way between the top of the base range and the bottom of the increased range to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

As you get closer to goal and/or routinely burn more that 1000 calories per workout, then you need will need to be in that increased range consistently.

This article can help with a further explanation.

Calorie Calculations 101
How SparkPeople Calculates Your Personal Calorie Range

Coach Tanya

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3/5/14 9:28 P

Are you eating within the range that SP set, or are you not even meeting the minimum calories?

Below is a link that will give you some good ideas for increasing calories:

If you aren't eating enough calories it can not only affect your weight-loss, but it also increases the risk that it will affect your over-all health because your body may not be getting enough of the various nutrients to sustain a healthy body, OR mind.

Good luck,

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3/5/14 8:45 P

I have not been eating all the calories needed in a day. How will this affect my weight loss? Can't seem to get it all in.

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