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10/20/12 3:53 A

You just said it yourself: your body will not change in just one week.

You should continue because your old ways weren't working.

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10/19/12 7:50 A

Some people take a couple of weeks before they see the scale move after making changes.

Be sure you are eating enough calories to make up for the extra exercise you're doing. You'll have to manually enter the amount of calories you burn per week into your fitness setup. You should be able to access it from your Fitness Tracker. This will change your calorie range to reflect your activity level.

Remember diet is the most important factor to losing weight at 80%, strength training and cardio are 20%.

Hang in there, the longer you stick with the new changes you've made, the easier it becomes. Don't beat yourself up over the scale (it's not even the most accurate method of measuring, as weight fluctuates throughout the day) and be proud of yourself for getting the ball rolling which is the hardest part!

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10/17/12 3:30 P

Please don't get discouraged! Give your body a chance to realize what you are doing - it may think you are trying to starve it and therefore, is holding on to every single calorie it can. Once your body understands that it is still getting food, you will be amazed how quickly those first pounds will drop off. Just hang in there and take it one day at a step at a time!

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10/17/12 2:55 P

Ive been doing this page for exactly one week now. and I know that my body will not change in just one week but I have seen not even a lb in weight loss. I stay within my ranges (calories, fat, carbs, and protein) and do more than required (on my personilized program) in exercise per day. Im feeling very discouraged. Need motivation on why I should continue.

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