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5/25/13 7:05 P

Great ideas; thank you so much for the helpful advice and support! :)

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
5/25/13 4:28 P

I think you should tell them what you're up to. If they berate you or make fun of you then they suck but that doesn't mean you should stop what you're doing. It's easier to do this with support. This is a great article with tips on how to tell your family what you're up to.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
5/25/13 4:18 P

If you're living with people who would make fun of you and berate you for trying to improve your health, it's probably time to find a new place to live. It sounds like you're in or just out of college; any chance of getting into a volunteer position or internship that includes housing? For example, if you're at all interested in things like the National Park Service or the Forest Service, etc, there's an organization called SCA (Student Conservation Association) that arranges internships in National Parks and other agencies. You get housing and a small stipend, sometimes you can get partial forgiveness of student loans, and it gives you a huge advantage in the job hunt-- about a third of the SCAs get hired right where they do the internship. That's just one example; there are many other types of opportunities for semi-volunteer positions that would get you room and board and something impressive for your CV. And no one will berate you for messing up anything.

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5/25/13 4:15 P

I encourage you to be honest and have faith that every good act you perform (out of love for yourself or others) will be rewarded in a way that no one on this Earth can take from you.
I think it is important to treat ourselves as lovingly and kindly as we treat others. I am glad to see you doing this by taking care of your health. Great job.

As far as your Dad's cooking, I would tell him I'd like my sauces on the side. If he refused, I'd prepare my own meals Drama free.

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5/25/13 3:28 P

It's a little tricky because nobody in the house knows that I'm this focused on getting healthier (i.e. watching what I eat, consistently working out, etc.). If I told anyone what I was doing, they'd just make fun of me for it and berate me every time when I mess up. So I'm kind of doing everything as sneakily as I can....I'll see if I can find the ingredients list though, and compile it from there. Thanks! :)

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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5/25/13 11:29 A

Can your dad give you the recipes he's using? You can build them in the recipe builder on It'll do all the calculating for you. When I'm building recipes, I put in the amount of servings I think would be appropriate. If the ending calculation ends up being too high, I increase the number of servings, which means each serving is less. The "serving size" on the box is not really an issue... I eat what my plan will allow, sometimes that's less than the box, sometimes that's more.

5/25/13 11:07 A

I've recently started up again with SP, and thus far have been able to track all my serving portions and nutritional info. However, I live at home and inevitably am going to run into some tracking problems, sooner rather than later.

My dad's an incredible chef, but how can I figure out nutritional info or---even more worrisome---portion control, if I have no way of seeing the labels? I'm trying really hard to watch my sodium intake, but overall an accurate tracker really helps me see where I'm at for the week. It's looking like he's got some plans for this weekend (homemade sauces, bbq, etc.), so I really could use some advice or helpful hints...

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