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I suggest that you make a list of all the things that you do. Then go through it and cross off what is NOT necessary. With the rest, put them into columns - stuff that needs doing regularly, and stuff that needs doing less often.

Where it comes to meals, you can bulk cook and freeze them in single-serve containers. This will save you time for when you are short on it, or just too tired to cook, and it will also save some money. (One lot of power/gas, and one lot of cleaning up. It also allows you to take more advantage of the specials with meats/veges, whether frozen or fresh.)

How old is your child/children ..... old enough to do little jobs?

It's good that you are able to still find time to do work-outs, but remember, you can also incorporate housework into the workouts too. Think about dancing while vacuuming. Think about putting your laundry and groceries away one at a time. (I do this one and it is my main form of exercise.) When you mop the floor, think about putting in a little more 'oomph' - it all helps, and it means that you might be able to cut back a little on the more formal exercise and give you a bit of a breather. It is VERY important to get some R & R into your life!

Good luck with reaching your goals, AND for getting some quality time for yourself.


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Between working, going to college full-time, and being a single mom I never have enough time to get everything done. I squeeze in workouts almost everyday. On my days off I do longer workouts. But I feel like I go go go and never have time to just relax.

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