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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
9/12/13 12:53 P

I lost weight eating 2600-2800, when I was 350 lbs, and @ 440, this should not be an issue. The #1 issue is if you cut fat too low. Fat has a lot of calories.

Stop and think about if you were 220. At that point 1600 calories would be the equivalent of 800 calories for a 220 lb person. Impossible to live on. I tried to stick to 1800 calories , and failed. I was starving, and when I went over 2600, the weight started dropping quickly. @ 440 lbs., 2600 calories is not a lot of food. Get past the #, and make sure you are getting in range for all the macros, especially fat. Don't worry about the calories being too much.

Normally I would defer to the coach/dietitian here where calories are concerned, but I think I have more experience being this overweight than they do. Pre-plan for 2600 calories, split evenly as far as calories, and your macros, are concerned, and see what happens. Don't skip anything. Higher fat will get those calories up, and it won't be too much. As you lose weight the # of calories will drop. At 205 lbs, I eat closer to 1800 a day.

As you lose weight you can increase exercise if you want, although 5 hours a week @ 440 is quite a lot of exercise. I had to do my exercise in the pool, or just slow walks @ the start because I feared injury, and continue to do so, because I hate sweating.

Just keep moving, stick to the calories, and results will happen. It takes a lot of calories to maintain over 300, and even more over 400, and 2000 isn't even close. Don't worry if you cheat, just get back on track.

You might want to make your nutrition tracker public, so that a member, or a coach, maybe the dietitian could offer advice, or see if there is an issue to fix.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,768
9/12/13 8:36 A

Hi Leanne

Congrats on your progress so far! My biggest piece of advice when it comes to exercise is to make sure you're establishing habits you can live with for the rest of your life. That's the best way to take weight off, but more importantly, keep it off for good. You don't really need 2 hours of exercise per day in order to reach your goals, so just keep that in mind and also keep a close eye on how you're feeling to be sure you don't burn out physically or mentally.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/12/13 7:57 A

I'm glad Becky chimed in.
She's a wealth of knowledge.

As said, good for you!!
Most people strive to work out two or three times a week, not a day.
You're quite dedicated, and to be applauded.

LEANNE321GO SparkPoints: (1,841)
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9/12/13 7:43 A

Thank you both very much!

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
9/12/13 12:19 A

#1: You probably did lose weight. You definitely lost fat, which is more important. At your weight, even if you're using the same scale, it's probably not accurate. The larger the amount you measure, the more error you have, and also they calibrate scales to be most accurate in the middle of the range they can weigh.

#2: Excessive exercise makes you retain fluid. Again, because you're big, you have room for more fluid than a smaller person does, so even a little strain could make you hold enough water to hide your weight loss. That doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise (although 2 hours a day is probably too much). It just means that it may take a few weeks to see that loss. You might lose a really scary amount all at once when your body releases that extra fluid.

#3: As Becky said, the computer program isn't sophisticated enough to give a good calorie recommendation for very big or very small people. It uses a mathematical formula that was figured out using young healthy people, and applies that to everyone. It assumes that every pound of your body burns the same calories as a pound of a college athlete's body. But our extra pounds burn less than our healthy pounds. The formula gets less accurate the bigger (or smaller) you are.

You have a minimum calorie number so that you get enough nutrients to stay healthy. The minimum is about health and safety, not about weight loss. If you want to, you can look up how many calories you will need to eat to maintain when you get to your healthy weight, and use that as your minimum. If that amount will give you enough nutrients to be healthy then, it's enough nutrients to be healthy now. You'll lose fairly quickly at that level, and you'll be learning exactly how you'll have to eat to maintain your loss when you get to goal.

9/11/13 8:51 P

Most people would not have the time to work out 2 hours daily.
And most fitness specialists would not encourage 2 hours of work out. It is not sustainable for most people. Workout 45-60 minutes daily; and work at an appropriate intensity. Combine both cardio and strength training. You may want to check out some of our fitness resources here at SP. I will have one of our fitness coaches give you more ideas.


LEANNE321GO SparkPoints: (1,841)
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9/11/13 5:59 P

Well it didnt work well the 1st wk .It has only been a wk i know but i have been working out twice daily =2hrs. a day & this past wk my calorie intake has been less than 1800 accept 1 day that was in a 7 day peirod I did the math & averaged them & came out with an average of about 1700 cal daily. my energy was very good all week.I did weigh on the same scale & yes we were reading it right & i could'ent believe i lost 4inchs in my waist. iam not sure i can keep up working out 2hrs a day even though i do split it up i am really challenging myself but for someone who weighs 440 i think i have done well with my exercise i do 40min. cardio then 20min. strength training twice daily .If i am forced to cut my exercising down to one hr.should i cut my calorie back a little more like 1400--1600 ?? what do you think? I have also added sodium on my food tracker I suspect my sodium level my be too high.I know if your sodium level is too high it can cause you to retain fluid.oh I also weighed in the morning too i think that is best what do you think? also I drink plenty of water i can drink about a gallon to gallon & a half I LOVE my Water. I know there may be other factors like getting enough sleep ,stress & going through the change that can affect my weight loss also.I appreciate any info you give me. I have fought this my whole life I lost 200lbs before but have since gained that back pluse 40 more! Thanks again for taking the time to try & help me.

9/11/13 3:57 P

For members who have a greater amount of weight to lose, our SP program sometimes gives a too high calorie range. I think this applies to you.

I think staying at around 1600-1800 daily would work well for you. See how you feel on this amount, your energy level, etc.

I am surprised that you lost inches and no weight??? Did you weigh on the same scale? Are you sure your reading is accurate???

Your SP Registered Dietitian

LUVMYGIRLS85 Posts: 29
9/11/13 3:36 P

4 inches, that's something to be proud of! Don't let the numbers on the scale stress you out if you are indeed shrinking. :)

KELLYK1027 SparkPoints: (7,570)
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9/11/13 2:13 P

I sometimes have trouble reaching my calories as well, so my suggestion would be try having a larger breakfast. Maybe not larger in size, larger in calories. Instead of doing skim milk, do 1% or 2%. It's higher in calories and tastes delicious. Eat fruit that is higher in calories such as bananas, and consider adding another snack during the day. As long as the extra calories are coming from healthy sources, you will continue to lose weight.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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9/11/13 1:37 P

SP has a great article for boosting calories when you're having trouble eating enough:

LEANNE321GO SparkPoints: (1,841)
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9/11/13 1:33 P

Iam very large 440lbs my calore intake according to sparks is 2300-2600 cal a day. i cant seem to reach that goal the highest i have been able to get to is 2000 but that was just one day .out of 7 the other days it was around 1600. I went for my 1st weigh in at the gym & iam the same but my waist went from 64 inches to 60 that is good but iam so disappointed i dont know what to do . I will never give up that u can be sure of. I currently workout twice a day at the gym 1 hr each time 5 days a wk. I drink plenty of water i eat all the right foods i just cant seem to get all my calories in can any one PLEASE HELP ME !

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