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NAPLESNANCY Posts: 3,365
1/26/12 9:45 A

Thanks to all who replied. Have pretty much decided to wait 6 months or so and see if they can't improve the ceramic. emoticon

RASMOO SparkPoints: (3,017)
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1/25/12 11:50 P

I have the Orgreenic (sp?) advertised on tv. I like it and so far the interior of the pan is looking okay but the bottom is pretty scratched up. I also have one of those "green pans" that Todd English sells on HSN. It's a square griddle and I like it for cooking meat.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
1/25/12 8:22 P

We're using TFAL with the hot spot. Do not use metal unless you are dainty enough not to touch the actual pan with the tongs, only use plastic, wood, and bamboo.

Other than the scratches from using metal on it once, I haven't managed to hurt it. (Hubby thought since they were durable enough to look new after a year, it could handle metal.)

KSANDIEGO SparkPoints: (8,680)
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1/25/12 4:21 P

I have the one from TV the other person is talking about - and no you shouldn't use metal on it. You don't need to use oils, they are easy to use, can withstand super high heat, easy to clean, don't warp, but I would not pay these outrageous prices I see out there. A fry pan for $19.99 - yes, for $45 no way.

NAPLESNANCY Posts: 3,365
1/25/12 12:07 P

Thanks for the reply. emoticon

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
1/25/12 11:38 A

There are a lot of different ones out there and my BF and I have been looking too, especially since we sat through a demo for waterless cooking at the county fair this summer... but we won't pay $1500 for what they sell! I think we might get the orgreenic pan that they advertise on TV for "just $19.95, plus you can double your order, just pay a separate processing fee" to see how they are. We did stop at a kitchen store at the mall over the weekend to ask what they carry and recommend and they do have a nice set that the girl we talked to said she uses all the time but I don't know the brand (way out of our price range)... I think it's a matter of just doing some research and keep asking questions!

NAPLESNANCY Posts: 3,365
1/25/12 10:28 A

Come on, surely someone is using this product?! emoticon

NAPLESNANCY Posts: 3,365
1/24/12 11:08 A

Has anyone used one of the new nonstick ceramic coated fry pans? Can you use metal cooking utensils with it? Are there any temperature restraints? How well does it work? Would you buy it again? What brand do you use? Does it chip and/or peel like Teflon? My S.O. is really pushing me to get one, but they are expensive. Please, any input will be greatly appreciated.

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