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8/24/13 3:32 A

I also carried a cooler and ice with me when on the road for previous jobs. I stopped at the grocery for things like hummus or cottage cheese, grape tomatoes and fruit and spices like crushed red pepper flakes, and tuna in foil pouches. All these could be put together for one or two meals a day on the road.

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8/24/13 1:32 A

Some will depend on your climate cause like the other poster in AZ said some hot climates just sitting in the car with the sun beating down makes things warm.
You can also freeze a yogurt and it will keep the other items cool and when it is time to eat the yogurt will be thawed.
The no drain tuna and salmon pouch is a good idea
Nut butter sandwich on whole grain, banana, veggies
Hummus and veggie wrap
What about stopping at subway or another fast food and getting grilled chicken sandwich and a salad for example

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
8/23/13 1:48 P

They have these tuna kits now that don't require refrigeration until they're opened. The kit comes with crackers & mayo. I don't use the mayo. Another alternative is taking a cooler.

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8/23/13 1:46 P

Hm... the only thing I can think of to do (if you're not willing to use cold-packs or a thermos bottle) is to make lunches out of the foods that you tend to leave on the counter. Something like nut butter & banana/apple slices on whole wheat bread (or pita).

8/23/13 8:36 A

Not sure what your weather is like, but here in AZ, we can cook our lunches on the dashboards of our cars before work. Sounds funny, but if you make bean burritos with cheese in them, wrap them up in foil and place them on the dashboard, they make a wonderful hot burrito lunch -- no mayo to spoil. Also can do this with shredded beef or pork. And they are easy to eat in a car.

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8/22/13 6:18 P

I like the thermal and ice pack suggestions but I'm looking for ideas that do not require any sort of heat or ice for the items to be somewhat safe. I've been packing carrots, nuts and fruit. But is there something like pitas filled with whatever as a main dish?

He eats in his van on the way to the next job so he doesn't have a lot of room to sprawl out and have tons of space to lay things out.

Thank you for all the suggestions!

8/21/13 12:47 P

I can honestly say that I've made thousands of packed lunches in my life for myself, husband and kids. The key is like KJ says -- cold packs or frozen water bottles or juice boxes that keep the foods cold in the lunchbox until lunch time. For hot food, they make small thermoses as Bunnykicks said. Fill up the thermos with hot water and let stand for a little before filling so it keeps the food hotter longer.

With the above, any kind of food can be packed. Favorites besides sandwiches, were dips with fresh fruits and veggies, spreads and crackers, wraps, cold meat and pasta salads, cold pasta and veggies salads, hot rice or pasta casseroles in a thermos, fruit salads, soups, pudding cups, cookies and muffins, among many other foods. The sky is the limit with innovation and variety.

And be sure to add a little love note, joke or words of encouragement in the lunch box like I did with my kids every day! It used to give them laughs.


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/20/13 7:10 P

You can solve the problem of "no microwave" by purchasing a food thermos. Then you can take soup, stew, chili, casserole, etc.... and it will stay nice and warm till lunch time.

You can solve the problem of "no fridge" by purchasing an insulated lunch box or bag, and/or one of those little lunch-box ice packs. You can take salad, sandwiches, hard boiled eggs or anything else that needs to be kept cool, this way.

Most fruit does just fine without refrigeration for a few hours. Some are actually much better unrefrigerated (tomatoes, peaches).

My husband enjoys individual packets of beef jerky... surprisingly not even bad on the calories (but ohhh sodium!).

Dried fruits and nuts are handy, but you have to really watch the portion size on these calorie-dense items!

Bagels pack well with or without refrigeration.

8/20/13 6:40 P

Tuna in an unopened can pack a can opener and plastic bowl. You can pack some mayo, mustard & relish packs with it. 2 servings of saltine crackers. Apple. Some fresh veggies in a baggie like carrots, broccoli, celery. A serving of peanut butter on a single slice of wheat bread in a baggie. Several bottles of water with crystal light single-packs. Almonds (24 nuts is a serving). peanut butter crackers (4), tortilla chips with some salsa in a very small container. You can freeze one of the water bottles the night before and use that as a way to keep the lunch cool.

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8/20/13 6:09 P

I would like some ideas to be able to make lunches for me and my husband that do not require microwaves, ovens, or refrigerators. One because I'm on the go all the time and need to bring lunch with me soon and my husband works out of his truck all day long.

Can anyone help me with some suggestions??

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