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4/7/13 2:25 A

I'm just tackling one part of the diet at a time..

I'm part of an accountability team so I sent reports on calories, carbs, fat, protien, sodium, and potassium.. My first priority is to hit in the calorie range.. my second is to get enough protein in during the day. My carbs are usually over, so then my next challenge is to hit the fat and carbs in their ranges. When I get more consistent with those I'll start working on the sodium and potassium ranges.

One of my first fast break goals was the water, so as long as I start drinking early in the day I can fit that in

4/6/13 10:41 P

I agree!

The only time I can seem to manage my 8 cups is if I'm doing physical work or if it is summer. I just went through my nutrition report for ***** and giggles 2 minutes ago and I can't believe the change in the last few weeks. I was nowhere near where I needed to be and I've been making an effort all week to cook (I'm unemployed so I have the time) and I've been close these last few days.

You will get there! Sometimes it does take a while to get close (I don't think it will ever be perfect) and I understand that life does get in the way.

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4/6/13 10:17 P

Thanks for your post. I have a tough time keeping everything inside of the values, too.

I'm hoping that the longer I see what works on a regular basis it will become easier/second nature. Also, I'm hoping that foods that send me way off (let's say a particular food high in sodium or fat) will be easier to avoid or eat less often once I see that they really do send me outside my values fast.

Thanks again for sharing! emoticon

4/6/13 9:58 P

I never do anything perfectly. My carbs are always over. My protein is always under.

I think I'd die of shock if I had a perfect day of Sparking.

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4/6/13 9:14 P

i am having a hard time keeping it all in line.
the right carbs, the right calories, the right fiber, the right amount of water and veggies.

and, getting enough exercise. difficult to do it all.


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