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2/12/14 7:52 A

thank you everyone. my anxiety had kind of been out of control since my surgery and you all have really made me feel better about my .5 weight gain, I kind of feel silly for freaking out . I am still tracking my food, so hopefully that will keep my weight stable until I can get back to my regular exercise routine.

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2/11/14 4:10 P

.5 pounds means nothing--post surgical swelling and the constipating effects of narcotics could easily account for more than that.

If you have clearance for gentle walking, start doing that until you can get back to your regular routine. I've had major surgery twice while losing weight and was not able to do full workouts for six weeks each time. I ate lightly--good food, lots of protein and fluid, but with a reduced appetite it was less than normal. I managed not to gain more than a pound or two--though in my case I had organs and/or tumors was basically a wash.

Just focus on taking care of yourself and eating well and you will be fine. Good luck and speedy healing!

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2/11/14 3:09 P

When you talk with your doctor on Wednesday, be sure to ask about when you can get back to exercising in full force. Ask if you can do other activities, like walking, swimming, or cycling, for a few minutes. I think most doctors, depending on what you had done, will tell you that you they encourage their patients to get up and walk around or some other form of low impact exercise.

I agree with the others, 1/2 a pound is normal weight fluctuations. Again, like the others stated, watching what you eat will also help.

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2/11/14 9:29 A

In addition to the swelling being a possible reason for seeing a 1/2 pound "gain".... pain meds are notorious for causing constipation. *Could be* just your bowels are a little sluggish. Or a bit of a combination of the two. Like the pp's have already said, weight loss is more a function of what/how much we eat. You can lose weight without exercising at all. You can gain weight even if you exercise a lot. Depends on how much you eat.

So.... whenever I'm ill or injured, I just adjust my Trackers to reflect less calories burned through exercise, and eat at the lower calorie range.

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2/10/14 6:51 P

The body can fluctuate by several pounds from day to day, due to hydration level changes rather than fat gain or loss. There is absolutely no significance to a short term change of 0.5 lbs. Indeed, it could well just be some swelling at the surgery site which will go down as you heal.

Most people burn between 1300 and 1900 calories per day just keeping their natural body functions ticking over (aka metabolism). Google 'BMR calculator' to get a better fix on this number for you. In addition, it is generally reckoned that you burn 20% in addition to this for daily non-exercise activities for a sedentary lifestyle.

So you should be able to still lose fat with an intake of 1200-1550, even without exercise.

Your body needs not just energy, but a whole range of vitamins and minerals, carbs, essential fats, proteins, etc to stay healthy. It's difficult to get what you need below 1200 (and 1500 for men), which is why most nutritionists (and Spark) recommend these minimums.


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2/10/14 4:31 P

That's the way it's supposed to be. 1200 calories is the MINIMUM most healthy women need to meet basic metabolic function, and in fact may be too little for many. Even if you're not active, you'll still burn plenty just existing, since that's where the bulk of your calorie burn comes from. 1200 is a safety limit.

The time to lose weight may not be while you're on medical restrictions. Because of your surgery, the best person to discuss this with is your doctor. General recommendations may not apply to you.

2/10/14 8:38 A

ok. I went into account settings, it is at 1200 -1550 it wont go any lower.

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2/10/14 8:28 A

.5 pounds is well within the normal fluctuation people experience from hormones and such. It's not a sign of doom.

You do need to track nutrition, because if you're not exercising, and still eating like you are, that can cause weight gain. Update your fitness tracker to reflect your lack of exercise, and make nutrition adjustments where necessary. That's where your weight loss/gain comes from anyway, regardless of exercise.

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2/10/14 8:02 A

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Remember that healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. While you are recuperating from your surgery and can't exercise, focus on your nutrition. And you probably won't be able to eat quite as much as you do when you are exercising.

2/10/14 7:46 A

I had an elective surgery on Friday and I am not allowed to exercise for a while. I will find out the details on for how long I cannot exercise for on Wednesday. At this point I am still in a lot of pain and so I am okay with not exercising.
My concern is that I weigh myself every Monday, and since I didn't exercise since Friday I have gained .5 pounds. I know .5 isn't that much, but if I gain .5 every few days that I will not be allowed to exercise, that would make me a little sad.
I guess I did learn for future reference how important exercise is on days when I feel lazy.

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