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8/20/13 6:02 P

Hi honeybee! Love the screen name! Actually, that's the meaning of my real life name (Melissa) lol! :) It's a good positive choice! Names mean so much! Honeybees are hardworking and productive. I have no doubt that you will be too!

Enjoy your vacation! Don't worry about starting full blast at the moment. Though, you can get a head start by making sure you don't overindulge on "vacation food" (I know we all do this!). Drink some water, be touristy and walk as much as possible, and just enjoy yourself! :)

I'm here for you, honey! :) Message me if you need anything and check out my blog for tips, tools, and motivation!! You can do this!

KIMSEYLYNND SparkPoints: (16)
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8/20/13 3:08 P

Im New too! Thanks for the link, its a big help :)

PINKYYSUEE Posts: 4,137
8/20/13 3:01 P

Welcome to SP!

I also suggest checking this out:

Sparkpeople Tutorial Videos

these will help you get started on here...

And I also suggest to get involved with a sparkteam. They are a great way to give and get motivation, encouragement and advice from people who are going though the same things you are.

Go to the top of the page and put your cursor over the box that says "community" then in the drop down box click sparkteams. There you can search for ones with like interests and/or goals....

DEULSENIA Posts: 184
8/19/13 9:14 P

First off warmest welcome to Spark People. It's going to be a hard journey but if you stay committed even when you fall off get right back on. Log log log, log everything as if you were writing a book about yourself. Food prep is a big key. Troll this site for recipes and plan meals for the week...Tupperware or brown bagging works. It's about 80-90% what you intake and the rest is activity. Try something new whether it be food or activity. In order for your body to change you have to change your mind. I can go on & on about what helped me loose 56lbs, you have to play around w/ what works for your body. Listen if you need an accountability partner let me know. I have a support page on Facebook (link below) if you ever need some daily inspiration, recipes or if you'd like to add some input on what helps you. Stay committed in this journey!!!

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8/19/13 8:50 P

Hi! I am new to the site...have been trying to find something that would help me get this weight so unhappy with myself....right now im on vacation and trying any kind of diet while im on vacation for me is almost impossible... but and try to get everything ready to start!needed to find something for when I do start! will be going back to work on Monday so that will be when I start! I know that sounds like a cop out but right now just too much going hoping this program will help me...going to use the next few days to get used to the program and get ready to get started! emoticon

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