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Hi there again I would love to hear about your classes you take...please share...p.s we can definitely be buddy on here and yes I've partnered up with a few ppl and it works well

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thank you! Have you ever been somebodies "accountability partner"?? If so, I would like to work with you - or others that you reccomend...

Of course this is an open invitation to anybody that would like to be an accountability partner!! Despite what I chose to allow myself to get to weight wise, I actually have taken classes that really touch on accountability - and am going to further classes starting tommorow conincidentally! As a matter of fact, I would love to share my info that I have on the classes as well .. They are truly life changing... People literally from around the world and all over the US go to them.. I would love help, to be held accountable, and to mutually help others benefit and hit their goals!

Please advise

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Hello and welcome to the SP family this is an amazing site and once you take full advantage of it you will see even more results.....I'm so proud of you and you should be of are rocking this....Congrats to you on losing so much weight in just a four month period of time...hard work and dedication pays off....Okay so you binged a little while staying the hotel but it's over now and you should move on...keep your head up and stay will succeed I can't wait to see your progress....I'm going to add you to keep up with you....good luck to you Ken on meeting all your fitness goals

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Hello, my name is Ken. I am 38, married 14 years with three boys 13,14, and 15! When I started my weight loss journey roughly 4 months ago, I was 435 pounds (the heaviest that I have ever been) ... I could not stand up without pain, and could not walk 2 minutes without being out of breath.

At one point I decided to make a complete life change in diet. Rather than eating tons of 1/2 gallons of ice cream and fast food, I started eating leafy greens, fruits and veggies. 30% of my total caloric intake protien (whey, tuna, chicken, turkey, beans, seeds), switched from white bread, pasta, potatoes, and flour (high glycemic) to whole grain bread, pasta, rice - and only on occasion. I started eating omlettes with two egg whites/two eggs and veggies, oats, etc.. very little high glycemic food, and liimited grains. One "choice" or "cheat" day a week in which I have eaten anything that I wanted.

I started walking slowly, then doing few laps in a small pool, then wrestling with my 13 and 14 yr old in the pool, then around the complex. Soon I was able to walk around a store for 45 min to 1 and 1/2 hours with very little pain (I have lower back pain and knee pain, of course). Now I have been going to the gym - I started with very light weights, and now am able to do significantly more two months down the road. I started doing 5, 10, 20 laps in the pool - and as of a few weeks ago, I hit one goal by swimming 50 laps in one session - 65 laps for the day ,and 160 laps over 4 days .. Pretty solid, as I dont see many people half of my 365lb size doing that much!!! LOL!

Long story short, as of one month ago, I was down from 435 to 365 ... A month ago, I started creatine, which I know makes me retain water in the muscles, and given that when I eat even a slightly high amount of sodium that I gain 7-9 pounds within hours (and take 3-4 days to re-lose it), I understand why for two weeks the scale showed no loss - a bit of gain - yet my waistline and body got smaller.. my upper body became more muscular. Despite the scale not showing it, I made huge progress in my lifting and swimming.

The problem is that 4-5 weeks ago I hurt my upper back (not the same as the persistent lower back pain due to my obesity). . Not sure when it happened as I did not feel it lifting nor swimming.. I still went to the gym sporadically, fighting through extreme pain, but finally rested it a week .. It went away, just to reoccur within days ... As of 2 1/2 weeks ago I had a very sore toe for no apparent reason that ended up being gout, and to top that off, I was out of town for a week, and for the first time really ate like crap for the whole week (staying in a hotel).. Of course I realize that this was choice, and no excuse, but since then rather than being 100% disciplined as I was for three months, I have eaten well but added a few too many bad foods.with it.

I know that this is choice.. I will get back on track, but I could use support and help from the thousands of people that I see here with similar situations. It looks like we are all human here , with strengths and weaknesses, but I also see incredible results.. I have been a member on this sight for a bit, but never took full advantage..

Thank you for your time and advice to help me get back on track. My first goal is to lose 100lbs by 2/23/13 (my birthday, which I am 70% to), and 210 lbs by 12/31/13. I would like to part time body build, though my age and what I have explained here suggest that it is against the odds...I believe that there are no boundaries or limits. Any help would be appreciated

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