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7/9/13 3:37 P

We acquired new-to-us cast iron with the house, which was nice...

My best cooking disaster ever was lighting pear upside down cake on fire. We were camping, and the instructions said 'put into the coals after dinner's cooked' ... and I thought 'ooh, that's probably too hot for that' but did it anyhow. Less than 10 minutes later, there was black smoke billowing out of the pot, and the pears were actually in flame. The pot was unsaveable: the pears had bonded to the metal like they'd been welded on.


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7/5/13 4:59 A

hi. I am new too. I just got in to the whole cast iron thing. And I must say...I LOVE IT! How did I go so long in life without using it!? I borrowed my mom's Griswald, and fell in love. She took it back but traded me out for a lesser "popular" one! All works the same to me! lol

6/29/13 1:16 P

Just found ya by googling for pasta salads with feta. From what I've seen in literally minutes... looks like a good place to visit on a regular basis.

Whenever I find a new food site, like to post one of 2 questions:

1) Do you use cast iron cookware? Have an ever growing collection of Wagner/Griswold/Lodge that were all acquired "for a song" at yard sales, flea markets or thrift stores. LOVE the old/odd stuff... several "corn" cob pans, cute little 1 egg, diamond shaped skillet, and Aebelskiver (sp???) pan. As long as a good "name" and not visibly damaged, doesn't matter how CRUSTY a piece is... can always be reclaimed.

2) What was/were biggest kitchen fail(s)?? Made beef Wellington where crust could NOT be sliced thru! Just about chiseled off but FORTUNATELY that big $$ hunka tenderloin was PERFECT inside. Tried to make homemade Won Ton soup. Broth wa great but noodles... ya needed serious TEETH to eat them.

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