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4/1/13 11:34 P

Prep is definately the tough part.

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
4/1/13 3:56 P

I found the preparation more challenging than the procedure itself. Be calm it will be over before you know it. Speaking from eperience

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
4/1/13 9:46 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. It has so many great tools to use. Happy Spring... emoticon

4/4/12 8:54 A


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4/3/12 11:23 P

Glad that you made out fine. I saw the topic and was concerned that it was something serious. Glad it was just the jitters. They found diverticulosis when I had mine too, but they never told me to do anything about it. I guess they'll decide more after the next one. So glad you made out fine.

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4/3/12 8:42 P

I woke up part of the way through my last one. No big deal. I had a job interview by phone that afternoon, got the job and moved that weekend.

My only advice is to invest in REALLY soft TP for the prep. By the second hour into it, you will know the difference!


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4/2/12 11:34 P

Glad all went well!

4/2/12 6:24 P

Thanks to all of you for your advice and support. All I can say is much ado about nothing. I came through the test just fine. I did find out that I have diverticulosis which I will need to discuss with my doctor sometime next week. But, all in all, I was wheeled into a room, put to sleep, and then awakened after it was done....I kept a blog of the entire experience. I haven't decided if I am going to publish it or not. I was mostly just to keep myself occupied.

3/31/12 9:08 P

I have never thought having a mammogram was such a big deal. I just make my appointment and usually go right after work. Since, it is in town, I treat myself to shopping or something afterwards. No big deal.

Thanks to all for your encouragement. I am not so nervous now that I am actually into the prep stage. I have been solid food free for 7 hours now. I have been drinking lots of water and seem to be doing ok. I do know that things will be worse tomorrow however after drinking the "stuff" but it doesn't seem to be so scary now.

Thanks to all!

AUNTB63 Posts: 6,979
3/31/12 7:24 P

In my opinion the worst part of a colonoscopy is the prep for the test. Otherwise it is a piece of cake to get through. DH always takes me out for breakfast after mine....

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
3/31/12 1:30 P

I often scan through all the message boards and post on whatever catches my eye. I've had 3 colonoscopies - and I'm only 45. My first was when I was in my 30's. I have anemia with no known cause. The prep day is definitely the worst part of it all. Although for my last prep I had a mix that I put in gatorade which was tolerable - I still don't care for gatorade and that was last summer. LOL DH has taken me for all of mine and we usually stop and get lunch on the way home, then I nap all afternoon.

Hang in there. This time Monday it will all be over with!

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3/31/12 11:36 A

I am scheduled for mine soon, and have several friends who have had them. It is not bad, from what I hear the prep day is the hardest part. I am not worried at all. They all said they woke up and were amazed it was over. Relax, you will feel so much better when it is done! It will be ok. I also agree with Ruthie, I never have understood the fuss over mammograms, it's 5 seconds of being uncomfortable, then it's done!

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3/31/12 11:27 A

Geojeanie - I think that some people have given the world a bad and wrong view of both colonoscopies and mammograms. I read and heard so much about the pain involved in mammograms that I had real fear when going for my first one. What a waste of anxiety! The same goes for the colonoscopy - my DD drove me to the appointment and waited for me. She drove me home and I slept after it was completed. The worst part is drinking the stuff and not eating prior to the event. Stay calm!

3/31/12 10:06 A

Hello all,
I am having my first colonoscopy on Monday and am absolutely a nervous wreck! I am sure my blood pressure is going to be sky high. (I only have high blood pressure when I am nervous or is text book perfect the rest of the time.) Can anyone give me some advice/reassurance to help me get through this weekend without freaking out?

My darling husband is taking me out to lunch today. I am having my favorite dish at the local pub - something I haven't had in months - but, I figure it won't hurt me to serve as my last solid meal for over 48 hours.

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