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There are a number of different hernias and only your doctor can tell you what exercises you are cleared to do without exacerbating your current situation. I would not recommend doing any exercises until you are given the green light from your doc.

Coach Nancy

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What are your goals? If you are trying to reduce the fat in your areas, you can stop putting the strain on your body... because spot reduction doesn't work. Individual exercises do not reduce fat in specific parts of your body, because your muscles draw their energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores.

If you're looking for just a stronger core (which will help with posture and other exercises), there's a crunchless core video in the fitness section here on Sparkpeople.

Given your hernia, you may want to consult a physical therapist to help you design a safe program for you that will accomplish your core-strengthening goals without putting you at risk for further injury. DO NOT do situps... they put a lot of unnecessary strain on the back, and are pretty lousy as far as core exercises go. :)

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8/7/12 9:45 P


If you have a henia, you may want to talk with your doctor as to what abdominal exercises you have been cleared to do. This is outside the scope of advice our members and experts can advise you on.

Take care!
Coach Nancy

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I need to know if there is an exercise that I can do to help the tummy area without applying too much pressure such as sit ups or crunches... I have a hernia and don't want to put too much pressure but want to do some exercise. what I have been doing and it does not bother me is.... I sit in a chair and with a band i place it under my feet and sit at the edge of chair and bring my feet up with some help from me pulling on the band. I feel this helps the arms and maybe the tummy area... any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated...

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