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8/20/12 4:01 A

Thank you. I will definitely go to this book.

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8/20/12 4:00 A

Thank you. But is it a international service.? Can I call them via Skype?

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8/20/12 3:59 A

Hey,thanks for your reply. I have to admit that sugar is a problem of mine. I am kinda addicted to it. Though not very much. I tried several time of quit the sugar, but all failed. And most of them were followed by binge.

Some sugar can really calm me down.

So i guess people will react differently to different food.

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8/19/12 9:20 P


I could have written your post. Only I do purge. I am 46 years old and have not binged for a long time. Only I did yesterday and I don't know why.I actually see a psychiatrist and a psycologist but I have kept that to myself. I guess I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. You can e-mail me. I have found that when I eat less sugar I tend not to binge. Sorry, I am not trying to make this about me. Please talk to someone.

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8/19/12 6:53 P


You are in a tough situation but you can get through this. Couple thoughts....

Where/who did you get help from when you were anorexic? That would be a good place to start.

Another option... the National Eating Disorders Association has a hotline that you can call. It is an 800 number. Just Google "eating disorder hotline" and it should come up. They have volunteers who understand what you are going through and can be supportive and also help you with referrals to professionals who can help you through this.

Always believe that you deserve the best... because you do!

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8/19/12 6:24 P

Purchase the book "Brain over Binge" by Kathryn Hansen! It will change your life. I've struggled for over 20 years and finally I see a light and answers at the end of the tunnel after reading her book. Good Luck!!

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8/18/12 6:41 A

I have a strong suspicion that part of what is happening with your family overall, is that there is a lack of communication about how things affect each of you. This in turn sets in the guilt. Maybe it WOULD be of help to them and you to be able to sit down and discuss your issues - it may seem like it is opening a can of worms, but the thing is that you can then go about helping each other rather than trying to put your energies into keeping quiet on the off-chance that it might upset someone else.

I believe that the best way to go about this is to seek the help of a therapist - talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to one. It may be that some group therapy, but also some one-on-one for each of your specific needs (in your case it would be a Therapist who deals with Eating Disorders) would be very beneficial.

Good luck,

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8/17/12 11:34 P

Thank you all very much.
Your words really touched me.
I think the problem is getting worse since my family has depression history - ok, it is my father, his problem is getting worse now, I think it influenced me, more or less.
I do not tell my parents since I don't want it to make my dad or my family into a even horrible condition.

I did not tell anyone else about either my problem or my family problem, and plus my working stress is surging recently. So I do need a place to spill.

So I posted.
Yes, I will try some doctors, though might be hard. Don't have GPs here.

Thank you again.
I really want to get better and have a normal life.

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8/17/12 2:12 P


If you're looking for support from other members struggling with an eating disorder or binging, what you might do is join a Spark Team. There are teams for members trying to beat EDs.

Also, have you talked with your doctor ? If you're still having problems, definitely keep talking to your doctor. Your doctor can refer you to a good therapist who can help treat your binge eating. Binge eating isn't about food. Something deeper is driving you to eat. That's where a good therapist comes in. Don't be afraid to ask for help from a professional.

If you've been struggling for so long, you don't have to do this on your own. Get the support and help you need. Start with your doctor. they are there to help.

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8/17/12 1:20 P

Alli, not knowing where you live I can't comment intelligently on your assertion about local doctors, but I agree with others that professional help can assist you. Maybe you have to be more proactive about finding it--and, yes, that could be both time-consuming & $$, but, really, you have said you have tried the 'over-the-counter' type solutions, and you--VERY honestly--recognize the extent of your problem, so I'm sure you see the need.

People here on SP can--and will!--offer sympathy, support, and friendship, but probably not the kinds of assistance trained persons can.

Also, if your family/friends think you are 'recovered,' they aren't able to help you much, are they? You maybe want to consider being open with the ones you trust most, to get some close-at-hand support for the tougher times.

I applaud your strength: coming here is great. Now, I want to applaud your courage, too. all the best on your journey to full health.

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8/17/12 1:05 P


While SparkPeople is a wonderful community of support, when it comes to members battling an ED issue, getting professional help may be just what you need. Below is a link to a SparkPeople article that may help you as well as give you some resources as to where you can get help fort this.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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8/17/12 12:55 P

Alli, There are several spark teams for people with eating disorders, try them out.

One thing though:

"I don't think doctors will help."

Alli, don't think...know. As you know this is serious stuff and deciding that doctors won't help before you even speak to a doctor about it is dangerous thinking. Don't be like that. See a professional. You are almost certainly going to be surprised.

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8/17/12 11:53 A

I'm new here,but I had ED for more than 8 yrs.

I had Anorexia about 8 years ago when I was in high school, which almost killed me.
After that I have been fighting against binge eating and depression all alone since everyone around me think that I am completely recovered. But I have not. Not a single day am I not struggled with ED. I've tried every tricks mentioned in the books or on the internet - I do not diet; do not avoid to eat what I like; I had hobbies; I drink a lot of water, etc. But still, once or more per month, I will binge, which will last for 7 - 10 days.
I don't know what else I can do, I've tried everything except for going to see the doctor since this kind of health problem has not gained much attention in where I live. So, I don't think doctors will help.

Moreover, I don't know why once I binge by accident ( e.g. going out for dinner with friends, very normal little binge) will cause a following days of uncontrollable binge eating and depression. BTW, I never vomit. In the past, I sometimes tried to overexercise or use laxatives, but now I do not compensate. I really don't what can I do.

I would like to have some email pals, if possible.
I really need someone to talk to

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