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12/12/13 9:51 A

That's strange about the pop ups, I've never had one from this site.

12/12/13 9:15 A

never mind it must be my laptop cause I searched it on my cell phone and it worked fine. I have a million and one pop ups on my laptop too from this site, it there a way to stop that??? maybe that's whats blocking me from seeing the nutrition tracker

12/12/13 9:08 A

thanks for ur response but im still having trouble. I can type what I want and select it and when I hit enter nothing happens. there is no adding it anywhere, or selecting quantities or anything. I go to search foods and it tells me to type and I do and I select and hit enter and it does nothing but just selects what food I picked. I have a new laptop but I don't think its my laptop, the format of adding foods looks different then the old one. Is there anyone who can help me what im doing wrong here???

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12/12/13 6:32 A

Once rainbow trout pops up you click on it and measurement info appears. The enter button will as well. Also, make sure you are hitting enter after you items to search. Tat will bring up everything to select from.

12/11/13 10:04 P

I used to use this site all the time to track my food but its changed since I have been tracking. I click on "add food" under my lunch column and it brings me right up the page and I type in trout and it pops up rainbow trout for me but there is no enter button or anything to select or grams to add... the one im used too I used to go to add food and it would be a small box where id type what I eat and select the quantity. now unless I have it saved in my groups or presaved on added foods im not sure how to add food anymore. can someone please help me

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