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9/1/12 7:50 P

One way to guesstimate how big a serving size for a particular recipe will be is to add up all the items in the recipe that are measured in cups or ounces, and then divide by the number of servings the recipe says it makes. This will not account for liquids that are boiled out in cooking, but it will give a rough guess. So for example, if the recipe says: 1 can of beans (about 2 cups), 1 can of tomatoes (also about 2 cups), a 10 oz bag of frozen corn (which would measure about 1.5 cups), and a pound of diced chicken breasts, and then says you are getting 8 servings, you know that each serving is 2 oz of chicken and about 2/3 cup of everything else.

Hope that helps!

8/27/12 5:40 P

Well, a serving size will vary depending on what it is that you have made. A serving size of mixed greens for a salad may be 3 cups, or air popped popcorn might be 4 cups,a serving of fresh fruit might say "1 small or medium" or 1/2 cup, while a serving of most nuts would be 1/4 cup. My food resource book for many years has been "The Complete Book of Food Counts" by Corinne T. Netzer. It has many kinds of food items...fresh,frozen,canned,fast food, etc. This has helped me a lot in figuring out what fits into my daily food calorie budget. As for a recipe- if it says serves 4...just divide it into 4 portions. If you must have the exact size...then measure it with a measuring cup & make note of it for later reference. Good luck with your weight loss journey !

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8/27/12 5:00 P

I've read the whole book and I can't seem to find where it says anything about how big a serving size is. Even though it tells you how many servings the recipe makes. Does anyone know how big or how much a "serving" is in the book cook yourself thin?? Please help I'm ready to start!!

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