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JKNEPFLE Posts: 560
8/6/03 5:14 P


Sorry for barging in here! :) We're in the process of redoing that part of GoalPilot. We're going to make some changes which will really simplify that process. Stay tuned!


Quilter Posts: 74
8/6/03 9:25 A

Dragonrider, thanks for the reference, but I did get it working. I know there was a glitch in the format, not something I was doing wrong. When I went to the slightly different format and wrote it, it did take. That was frustrating, however, as it wasn't as well written. Anyway, I will try again, and if I can get it in the format I really want, then I can erase the one that is there now. Maybe it will help others to know this, too. Sandra

8/5/03 11:48 P

Hey Quilter, I found that e-mail address for you:

I would suggest e-mailing the tech support people. You'll be able to keep a better dialogue with them that way and hopefully be able to solve the problem you are having quicker. Hope this helps.

8/5/03 11:42 P

Every once in a while I've run into a similar problem. I'm not really sure what causes it. I end up re-creating the goal a couple of times, and then it works eventually. You've probably tried that, though. Hmmm... You might want to copy this post into the Support/Need Help forum. That is usually where the the SP staff that can help you with this problem hang out. I'll try to find you an e-mail address for one of the SP Tech support people too.

Quilter Posts: 74
8/5/03 6:09 P

I wanted to put one goal in my trophy room, which I successfully did. It was a nutrition goal--cups of water a day. Is my program just on the fritz or what? I went to the page for creating a new goal, put in "water, between 8 and 9 cups a day" and checked "select". But when I visited my goal page, the goal is not there! And I remembered to check the "save changes" box. Any suggestions? Sandra

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