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3/25/13 10:10 A

emoticon Go SparkPeople! emoticon

3/26/12 5:35 A

Good luck!

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3/25/12 10:32 P

Hi Julia,
What a blessing being a grandmother. I have been a grandmother for 3 years this past Feb. and I get so much joy from watching my grandson. I want to be around a long time to watch him grow. We need to take care of ourselves if we want that to happen. We have the power thru our choices to accomplish that goal. You can do this and use SP as a motivational tool to assist you on your journey. Woo Hoo and getter done! Have a great week and remember it starts with you and how badly do you want this.

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2/28/12 2:26 P

Welcome first grandson was born Feb 8 and I'm focusing on being as healthy as I can so that I can enjoy him! good luck with your program and call anytime you'd like. You're not alone...just keep Sparkin'!!

LOOSEINGIT Posts: 4,078
2/27/12 9:28 P

Hi Julia,
Congratulation with being a first time Grandma, what helped me get started was being sure to tracking my Nutrition and Fitness. Try to find some sort of fitness exercise that you like to do, it's a lot easier when you like to do it. I was motivated when a Spark Friend talked about walking and hiking, I had always loved to to both, I started out with 1/2 mile walk and worked my way up, slowly, you will be surprised with just a small amount of exercise can really help you with your journey.


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2/27/12 8:57 P

How are you doing Julia??? Just thought I'd check in with you.

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2/13/12 11:32 P

Hi Julia
We are all here for you! Take it one obstacle at a time and you'll soon be posting your successes!! emoticon

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2/13/12 9:58 A

Hi all,

Need help and support in my weight loss. I am going to be a first time Grandma, and want to take off these extra pounds so I can keep up with that Precious new baby that is going to be here anytime.

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