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KITTY818 Posts: 13
6/13/13 7:37 A

I saw the doc yesterday and my blood pressure was perfect, iron was great and over all looking good. She thinks it could be the dramatic changes I have taken on in the past 3 weeks. I've lost 11 pounds which is a little fast and running all over town with 2 kids going to dance and trying to run a household. You get the idea... She told me to take it slow and keep eatting right but slow down. So last night I put up some chairs in my front yard, had the neighbors and their kids down and we kicked back, drank some wine had some strawberries and blow bubbles. It was nice to stop and unwind and actually today, I do feel somewhat better. Not 100% but better. :-)

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
6/12/13 10:25 A

Are you taking any supplements or vitamins? Sometimes your body gets enough or too much of something and responds this way.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,295
6/12/13 10:13 A

Go see the doctor for sure as you may be experiencing low blood sugar which can create nausea...have the doctor test your blood sugar

also food allergies that can lead to nausea.... seafood, shellfish, dairy products and wheat....Ulcers cause nausea, too. Sometimes an inner ear infection will also cause nausea and viral infections. Glad your going to the doctor...let us know how you are after.

KITTY818 Posts: 13
6/12/13 7:40 A

Great points and ideas. I have an app today at 3, so I will be sure and show them my food log. Now if I can figure out how to print my food log from this site. I'm not that savvy. :-)

But as of today, I am still very nausea's and actually feel weak. Maybe I over did it yesterday so today I will not work out and just eat well and go to doctor and see what she says.

It could just be all the changes I've made to my body in the past few weeks (food, working out) and my body isnt liking it.

Cross your fingers, that's all it is and its easily fixable. THANK YOU

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/11/13 2:36 P

You might want to print out your food tracker and take that with you to your doctor's appointment.

GDBEAR65 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 574
6/11/13 2:02 P

Obviously a recent change has brought this on, so I think you need to back track to see where the problem started. Your body becomes very accustomed to the foods you have consumed over long periods, so abrupt changes can cause unintended effects and your body may start to crave the foods it is now being denied. If you're in it for the long haul it is better to make small changes slowly as you will be more successful in making permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle.

KITTY818 Posts: 13
6/11/13 1:31 P

Thanks for the reply. I will make an appointment with the doc. Still feel the same way today. GRRRRRR

SARAHEGILROY SparkPoints: (13,225)
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Posts: 184
6/10/13 11:18 A

I agree with Dragonchilde! See a doctor. It sounds like a sensitivity to me. In the meantime, try ginger or peppermint tea.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/10/13 11:12 A

Nausea is NOT a normal side-effect of healthy living! I strongly encourage you to consult a doctor. You may be getting sick, or there may be a sensitivity you're not aware of. Hope you get to feeling better!

KITTY818 Posts: 13
6/10/13 11:09 A

Since I've started my new life style change (dieting/exercising), about 3 weeks ago I have felt nausea's and no I'm not pregnant. :-) But it's a constant feeling in my stomach area that makes me feel sick and weak. I'm eating up too 1,700 calories and walking between 3 to 5 miles a day. I drink a lot of water but even that makes me feel sick to my stomach. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated. Not at all enjoying feeling this way.

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