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GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (237,879)
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8/8/11 12:39 P

Have you tried committing to just 10 minutes of daily exercise?

I find that I can almost always get in 10 minutes, and usually do more once I've started.
Maybe you could run 5 minutes from home and then 5 minutes back and see how you feel?

Have a happy, healthy day!

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,463)
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8/8/11 8:19 A

way to go, Rooster!!! Wow!

I just signed up for one of the virtual races, here on sp. I am so pumped, even though I only signed up for a one mile walking race for this week. I have to walk before I can run and there's no point in putting off for tomorrow what I can do today! :-D I hope to inspire someone with my enthusiasm for this, too! :-D

With an ankle injury, I just did a twenty minute mile. I'm good with that and hope to see improvement and hope to start adding some running by next week, though it will be very little running at first. No pain, no gain ... pain = injury, so it's not going to happen if I push to the point of experiencing pain. Slow and steady will win the race!!! :-D

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8/8/11 6:09 A

Would you consider finding a running race, and entering it? A distance that would be a challenge for you.

I did a 50km Mountain Bike race in Feb - and when I entered in November, I put all the details in my Facebook status. There was something about having everyone knowing, and asking about it that got me to really train.

At the time I was very unfit, and I am a novice mountain biker - but I finished the race, did not come last and did not need any medical attention on the day (my 3 goals for the event! lol)

LOSS-E Posts: 209
8/8/11 12:01 A

I had a really 'fast & loose" weekend. I'm ready to start again tomorrow morning, though.

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8/7/11 11:56 P

i had been reularly running but due to slight pain i have stopped for 2 weeks . Now i am not getting the motivation to come back....

need a push...

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