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7/21/13 8:29 A

I think we all put to much pressure on ourselves. Like it is all or nothing. If you just make one or two small change a day that is how it starts.

Fitness: start with a 10 minute goal and work up to a longer duration
Track your food: I still have not been able to do this successfully but when I do I can see that I am overeating and to put on the breaks.

The community is a wonderful tool and so many people are in the same boat. Keep posting and join a challenge that makes you accountable. The weight will come off if you try!

Stay strong!

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7/20/13 6:28 P

I think I need to go into isolation to get a start. It seems some event always comes up and I am not strong enough to not eat the goodies (poisons really) put in front of me. I do believe I am a food addict, but sure do feel better if I eat healthy. I will try, try again.

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7/20/13 6:24 P

Good advice, I always start big, will try starting small for a change. Thanks!!!

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7/20/13 8:56 A

Start small and don't give up! Small changes lead to big changes and a happier life. You can do it!

WANT4EVER Posts: 129
7/20/13 8:08 A

almost the same here. still, try to work around issues. Nobody supporting you? support yourself. Life full of people who sabotage you? Maybe is time to let (some of) them go play somewhere else. Is crucial to lose weight? Good, just do it. It will happen if you try and try and try again. Good luck! :-)

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7/20/13 7:32 A

I have no one for support, my life is full of people who sabotage me and it is crucial for me to lose the weight, not just for my health, but for my life. Due to health problems, if I do not succeed, my life will surely be shortened. Any one out there in the same boat?

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