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4/12/05 10:17 P


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3/31/05 4:18 A

Judy I did fairly well, didn't get exercise in to day, I guess it is Thursday already. Well to day i am going walking with LadyBug kool Debbie. We are going to Good Will// to look around.

Aunt Bee emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
3/30/05 1:55 P


Glad to see you back! Let us know if you need anything!

Coach Jen

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3/30/05 1:52 P

Aunt Bee,
I just read that you are starting over with your program. I wanted to tell you that I am too. Just last night I decided to make a fresh effort. Let's hope we both do well. :)

Judy emoticon

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/28/05 3:15 P

Check out the thrift stores of paterns & materials, Or yard sales.
I am starting over with my program. Have a great week.

Aunt Bee

Have fun sewing.

MISSPAM Posts: 614
3/28/05 10:20 A

Good morning Aunt Bee! I trust you had a wonderful weekend? Ours was hectic, but worth it. I hope to do some sewing this week. I bought a pattern for a purse for my daughter. I also bought some fun material. Looks easy and shouldn't take to long. I also have some patterns for some sun dresses for my granddaughter. Might get to that yet!!

Have a great day!


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/28/05 3:46 A

Sun dresses are eazy and fun.

Summer is almost here. Hope to do some stuff, just for fun. Want to remake some of my clothes once I lose weight.

Aunt Bee

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3/25/05 10:50 A

That sounds real nice. I don't do much sewing any more. Don't have the time, but hope to get back to it soon. I love to sew. I have a granddaughter that is 2 and I would love to make her some sun dresses.


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/25/05 3:51 A

Bought my self a used sewing machine. Hoping to teach my self some of the thing I have for gotten, along with some new things. Going to make a nap quilt for my sister new grand baby.

Aunt Bee
emoticon emoticon

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3/23/05 9:56 A

I'm still trying to get my taxes done! Yuck! I hat this time of year.


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/17/05 11:37 A

Have been spending time with my children and we recieved our Tax return money so I went shopping also. Bought food last night.

Today is my art class, Not sure if I am going or not. Aunt Bee

MISSPAM Posts: 614
3/17/05 9:50 A

Aunt Bee!

Where are you? Haven't heard from you in days. What's up? Need a kick in the pants? I am used to seeing you all over the place. Hope you are well.


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/12/05 3:15 A

Didn't do any thing to wild, went to good will and looked around after my friend Debbie and her daughter walked around Value Villiage. So I was quite tired when I went home.
Aunt Bee emoticon

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3/11/05 3:00 P

His Aunt Bee!

I have had to force myself to get up 30 minutes earlier to get on the treadmill. So far so good. I feel much better now that I have started. This is the end of my second week, and I have averaged 4 times a week so far. I want to add other things since this doesn't firm anything up. Need to work on that mid-section! If nothing else, turn on the radion and dance a little each day! It is good for the soul and counts as exercise! ( None of that wild stuff, or you MIGHT fall:) )

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/10/05 1:14 P

Hello Pam, everyone,

This is a life time thing, I don't expect to be perfect on any one day. I woking at doing the best I can. Exercise is my bigest challenge. So far I have avoided it mainly because of the fear of falling. Having no one to walk with.
Aunt Bee

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3/9/05 12:43 P

Good for you! I know, day late dollar short. But congratulations! The first step is the hardest. I need a kick in the pants this week. I have been eating to much in little spurts. The rest of the time I am fine, but those little spurts kill the weight for the week. I have it down, just not pat!


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
3/4/05 10:23 A

You are not the alone, I seem to be a slow learner! May sturburn is the word that fits best! To bull headed for my own good.
Aunt Bee


3/4/05 8:37 A

Haven't posted for a while but good news...finally started an exercise program. Found a water aerobics class for people with arthritis. Have had two sessions and (I never thought I'd say this) LOVE IT. I can move without pain and the nicest thing about it is that even though you are exercising you don't work up a sweat:)

Discovered last night that some people in my class have been doing this for years. There is even a 90 year old who comes with her daughter (67)!

Right now I'm concentrating on the exercise and feeling better about myself and not the food. I've actually found that I make better food choices the better I feel about myself. DUH! It's only taken 50 years for this to sink in.


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2/27/05 6:19 P



AUNT BEE emoticon emoticon emoticon

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/23/05 12:02 P

Kick in the pants is needed for us all from time to time! ha

Life is not all cherries or peaches and cream, some time we eat peppers! and life burns our! Ask if I can help you in any way!

Aunt Bee
emoticon emoticon emoticon

CONNIED53 Posts: 619
2/23/05 9:25 A

Maccorgi, I wanted to tell you.... I also take Fosamax. I had a horrible time trying to remember taking it every week so I had my doctor change my prescription to every day. Since I have other medications to take every day, it's much easier. We cannot let osteoporosis get us! I suffered a spinal compression fracture 3 years ago which is when they discovered my bones needed help. I don't want to do that again!!!


CONNIED53 Posts: 619
2/23/05 9:23 A

Wow, this is a great thread. Lots of encouragement, and people just like me!!!I definitely need the foot on my bottom, ready to kick.

I am so proud of myself.... I have been on Step 1 of Fast Break forever, and finally yesterday completed all 3 goals..... 13 days to go. Whoohooo!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.....

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/22/05 6:34 P


DOWN 2 POUNDS. AUNT BEE emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2/22/05 10:03 A


Have you found an exercise that you like? I decided that I need to get up from my desk every hour to stretch my legs, so I try to take one lap around the floor as often as I can. It only takes me 7 minutes, but that is 7 minutes more exercise than I was getting. Jen is right, you can do it. Turn on the radio and dance around the house to 1 song! Shake it and burn some calories. It might just put a smile on your face too! Find something small to start out and motivate yourself to do more. You can do it!!!!!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
2/21/05 10:23 P


If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!! You just need to get the confidence to say that you can do it! We're here to help however we can! Just let us know what you need!

Coach Jen

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2/21/05 8:58 P

Don't know, but I am betting that you all have heard of the UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN. There is a song in that musical that says "..for Every one step backwards I'll go two steps forward ..." If you remember it you will have a tough time getting that out of your head.

Stop beating yourself up and think of one thing you did right today!


My gold star is from one hour of working out and making my all my goals today.!!!

Find something that made your gold star today!

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2/21/05 8:19 P

Cathy B,

Stop beating yourself up, cause that's my department. I am the best you ever saw at that job. I'm not doing very well on my program either, but I do know that I have to keep trying - 2 steps forward and 1 step back will still get you there.


LDWADDLES Posts: 264
2/21/05 5:34 P

Kick my butt! I always have a hundred and two reason why I can't exercise. But the real one is I am just to lazy!!!! emoticon Of course I am not to lazy to put a fork in my mouth!! emoticon Why I ask myself? I don't have a good reason. Will have to think about this dilemma. I am thankful for spell check.

Cathy B

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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/20/05 8:59 P

Good advice!
Aunt Bee

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2/20/05 7:52 P

FORGET PERFECT! Just do your best!

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2/20/05 7:51 P

OK! Someone who started this line needs help to get started with a buddy - I know that I have the same problem. The Buddy Search seems rather antiquated with its method. I think you could ask anyone who has answered to this train of thought or if you would like ask me!

I must say that I am not the best person for a buddy since my friends all say that they would love to be like me. They way I eat and the fact that I work out all the time. But it takes dedication. If you have a $100 you can only spend it once!. Unfortunately we all try to spend that LOTTO money a million and two times.

Take the next 60 seconds and stop reading and get up and walk around your house.

Shut off your computer and go do something physical.

Turn off the TV for the next 30 minutes and take a walk. There is nothing on TV that if you miss it will end your world. But if you take a 30 minute walk - you WILL make a difference in your world.

Get up and get moving!

Have a great day!

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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/16/05 1:27 A

Did well but not perfect with my eating to day. I still have to work hard to get all the water down that I need.
Want to go to town, just to get out of this house.
Aunt Bee

Will be turning 60 so I have an idea of how you may feel. It may take extra work to do what we were able to do in our 30's!

But we can do it! just have to work smarter and harder!

2/15/05 2:49 P

I enjoyed your message and can relate to many items in it. I too enjoy the commercial with the man expecting immediate results. Although I am not quite that bad, I do get discouraged when I don't see any results. I have been watching what I eat (smaller portions/less calories) and exercising more for the last month but have not seen any drop in the scale. I do feel better and don't get as winded, so I guess that is the result.

I totally agree not to set goals too high. That was another one of my challenges, along with beating myself up when I 'cheated'. It is going to be a long road and I have to learn to be patient. I am hoping to lose at least 30 lbs (actually 50 would be great!) It certainly is harder now that I am older (soon to be 53!). emoticon

2/14/05 3:32 P

Maccorgi, Your post on Friday was a great! One day at a time small increments. I was feeling so depressed this morning and when I read your message, it lifted me tremendously. Thank you.

Cecelia emoticon

AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/14/05 10:26 A


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
2/14/05 9:16 A


Welcome to SparkPeople! Let me know if I can do anything to help you!! We're glad to have you here!

Coach Jen

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2/14/05 8:06 A

I need that big kick! I can relate to what you all are saying. I turn 50 in 3 weeks. I keep taking two steps forward and at least on (or more) back. Whenever I start to lose, I sabotage myself with poor choices. I really want to be more active and be able to enjoy and do things with my grandchildren some day (none yet). Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!

2/13/05 11:47 P

Hi Jen! I just joined tonight, St. Valentine's eve, I figured it was a good present to my heart and family after all the years they've been after me to lose weight and excercise more. This is a great place to be for some one as stubborn as me, I need a lot of support, but who does'nt? Any one who has her dog on her profile must have her heart in the right place!

2/13/05 11:00 P

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I agree with everything you said and believe that it is "issues" keeping me from moving ahead with my life. But regardless of what those "issues" are, and most of them are the same as everybody elses (no time, no money, too much to do, sandwiched between parents and kids, .........) I am the one who has to, as my Dad always said, "kick it in the ass and go on" Maybe not the politically correct way to speak but I think it's going to become my new motto. I haven't got the time to poke around anymore and like you don't want to waste the next half of my life worrying about what I do eat or don't eat. I think I'll put my motto on little notes everywhere around me. Whatever it takes to move out of this hole I'm in and get on with my life.


2/13/05 4:47 P

Purselady, I can relate to everything! I am under 5'2" but I round up to that number. The IRS lets you round numbers so it is perfectly legal! I have about 90lbs to lose and turned 50 in August. I know all the correct food choices and the correct portions-but that doesn't mean I choose to eat them. I know that exercise is the key to weight loss-proven best therapy for the body and the mind. I know my biggest drawback is "what's going on" in my life. I am self employed and in the process of regrouping to be more successful. Money issues is a BIG deal right now. If I start to think about "the bills" I stress. As I am learning and experimenting and regrouping, I am reaching for food and doing a lot of mindless eating. Just when I think I am in control-another problem or bill pops up and I EAT!

I just recently started to have problems with my knees. I love to jog but with the knee issue- that is out. So another thing that I REALLY love I can't do. Walking is great but just not the same! (And my knee hurts). I can use my glider but I miss my little jogs!

You (and only you) are the one that has to figure out your triggers. It may be a bunch of little things that added together is too much. Maybe overwhelmed by being at our half-way point!

I just know that I don't want to spend the second half(or longer) of my life this big or out of shape. Since I have yet to see a self-help liposuction kit, we have to do it the old fashioned way. Thinking right, eating right and exercise!

You might be able to find something that doesn't put stress on your knees. Pools are great if you have access.

I know you want to do this! I know you can do this! Let's not let allow ourselves to be taken over by these matronly figures! Let us show people that we are not just beautiful inside- we are foxes on the outside too!


AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/12/05 4:47 P

I know you can! I know you can! Make it Happen in 2005

I am doing better it is time to start once again. Happy Valentine's week
emoticon Aunt Bee

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2/11/05 11:27 P

To be perfectly honest.............I'm only 5'1-1/2" but I've lied since 4th grade and said I was 5'2". I've always thought that I was not overweight JUST UNDERTALL. If only that were true. But I'm beginning to realize that the only one who can make changes in my life is me. No matter how much my family loves me this is one thing I have to do by myself for myself.

I think I can.....I think I can.......I think I can! emoticon

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2/11/05 9:13 P

I love it - I am 5'3" and would love to be 5'8 - everyone used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was always 5'8" - they used say I was ridiculous - I thought I was being funny but I would have loved to be taller than my 5'3+ inches - I am losing height - how depressing when you want to be taller.

Good for you - get out and enjoy the world emoticon

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2/11/05 6:29 P


I can't thank you for responding with such fervor. I have always wanted instant gratification and more than anything will just have to learn to truly take it "one day at a time". I'm not going to wake up 5'8" and 110 lbs in the morning. Even if I could do the 110 lbs I'm only 5'2" emoticon

Seriously, tomorrow morning I will walk to the park which is 3 houses down. When I can do that without a problem, I'll try walking on the path around the park - 5 x around = 1 mile. But right now my only goal will be to get to the park.

Thanks to everyone who posted a reply to my message for all the encouragement. emoticon

I just came from the arthritis doctor and have lost 1 pound since I saw him last in December. Slow but at least it's heading the right way.


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2/11/05 4:05 P

This may or may not help - but I only work on one day at a time. I was thinking about opening a line with one day at a time. Wait let me do this.

One day at a time is a lot easier than I have to lose 30 pounds by next Saturday.

Have you seen the commercial where the guy in the gym gets on the scale it register 240+ pounds. Steps off the scales, puts on the head set - runs around the weight room once - jumps back on the scale expecting results. I think I laugh at it because I can definitely relate - I want instant gratification for all that exercising I do.

Anyway to get back to One Day at a Time. I pick one thing that I will do to make it toward my goal and accomplish it for the day. I.E. - today I will do no sugar. I can go one day! Which I can turn into 2 days! Which sometimes turns into a week. I don't beat myself up for set backs. I just make it one day. If I screw up I try to figure out something I did right that day and that will be my ONE DAY!

Right now I am going on 4 years of no dairy, no ice cream, - but it also is a fact that I found out that I could not tolerate any dairy but it took a year to get it into my head that no matter what I do I can never do dairy. Along with the now dairy - I have to take calcium supplements which took another two years to get into my head! Now I have to get myself to remember to take fosomax once a week. So make it something small.

A very good friend of mine started my walking to the end of the block ( two houses away ) and instead of trying to make it by miles - she did it by houses. One week she went 2 houses the following week she did 3 houses. It took a long time to get around the block but now she runs - 3 miles everyday. She has also lost a lot of weight and it took her a long time but she is a size 8 and has been that for the past 5 years. And she started with 2 houses.

Do pick something that is no more than one day away to accomplish that you know you can do. I have tried to do something that I THOUGHT that I would do and failed to the point where I just wanted to give up. Lesson learned. DOn't do that again until you have something done you know you can accomplish.

Good luck and good going. You have already made the first step by starting here.

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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
2/11/05 3:49 P

emoticon I will cry with you turning 60 in May!

These are tear's of joy for being alive! Right!
emoticon I to have a great deal to lose, so you are not alone! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon we all have the same goals to become healthy strong, and flexable, and emotionally strong, where we can maintain the weight we lose. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon to gather we all can do this! Sparkpeople unite!

Have 200 pounds to lose.
Aunt Bee emoticon emoticon

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
2/11/05 2:36 P


Welcome to SparkPeople! Let us know if you need anything!

Coach Jen

SVENIS Posts: 1
2/11/05 2:02 P


Today I just joined and I am in the same boat as you with even a little more to lose and I am at the point I can't walk very far exercise for very long so I am starting out just like you. Maybe we can support each other.

Sandy emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,791
2/11/05 8:25 A


Hello! Why do you think you can't stick with it? In order to be successful, you have to believe in yourself! Attitude is SO important! You can have all the support in the world but if you don't have the confidence in you, it's going to be an uphill battle. Do you think it's that you feel overwhelmed by having a lot of weight to lose? If that's the case, try breaking things up into smaller goals. Just focus on this week, or this month and what you can do to make yourself healthy. Start with small changes to your diet and 5-10 minutes of exercise a day. If you can start a routine, then you have something to build on.

If you have arthritis in your knees, the best form of exercise would be to get in the water! You can swim, water walk or take a water aerobics class.

Have you had success losing weight in the past? What went wrong to make you stop? How can we make that different this time?

Let me know how we can help!!

Coach Jen

2/10/05 7:45 P

I turn 50 in May, 100 pounds to lose, all the reasons in the world to do so, from wonderful family who are totally supportive to arthritic knees that keep me from doing almost anything. WHY CAN'T I STICK WITH IT???????????????????

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