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LOTUS737 Posts: 3,938
2/12/13 6:24 P

20 lb is great in that much time! The poster below has some great suggestions for you.

Spark has free at home workouts you can do- they range from just a few minutes to half hour (if not longer!).

In addition, you can try walking other places- my mom used to walk at the local mall; in mornings they would open the mall early for an hour so people can walk before the stores open- maybe your local mall has something like that?

You could also try a walking circuit in your house/apt- you can incorporate stairs, too!

As long as you keep up with your nutritional goals you'll be set! Stick with it!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
2/12/13 4:02 P

Hi, first congratulations on losing 20lbs!! emoticon Next time you go in a grocery store, pick up a 20lb bag of potatoes-That's a LOT of weight!!

I like to walk outside too and am really looking forward to Spring!! Not being able to do the things I like most is tough, but I know I have to do something besides sit on the couch when it's cold/wet outside. So, I have lots of workout dvd's, some I like, some I don't care for, but I make myself do one if I can't get outside. Maybe you could try one of them-one of my first workouts after finding SP was the Walk Away The Pounds ones-I still do one sometimes, except now I crank up the stereo or MP3 player, mute the sound on the TV (since I've pretty much memorized it & the same chatter gets pretty annoying afterawhile), and just walk!!
The music gets things pumped up so I don't get lazy :)

And other days I do my strength training-I try to mix things up as much as possible.

Don't worry about going backwards-you are doing great and as long as you use the trackers and STAY CONNECTED here no matter what, you will be just fine!!


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2/12/13 3:17 P

I am down 20 lbs since nov 12 I have been having a hard time staying motivated with the extreme cold weather since i walk outside not sure how to get myself back on track the beginning was easy since i wasnt really trying to lose i want to lose 50 by May 2014 for my daughters wedding i know that i have time to lose but the fast drop in the beginning had me amazed i am afraid im going to slide back and make no recovery HELP

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