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These questions are best discussed by your personal physician who is most familiar with your situation. I

Coach Nancy

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That's exactly what happened. I woke up, couldn't turn my head or get out of bed. I had to have my daughter pull my arms so I could sit up. I have been trying to do ice 20 mins then heat for like 2hrs lol. It feels good w/ the heat. Also stretching and having the hubby massage. I hope this does go away soon. I def don't want to have to go see Dr. thanks guys

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4/10/13 7:57 P

It does sound like a muscle spasm. If what you're doing already, combined with stretching and pain-free active range of motion aren't helping, I would suggest consulting with a chiropractor. This is one of the top complaints I hear from patients, usually starting with "I woke up and couldn't turn my head!" Gentle adjusting, massage and stretching instructions could really help, and a consultation to rule out anything more serious would be a good idea. Best wishes for a quick resolution to your pain!

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maybe u are having muscle spaz , maybe a muscle relaxer. sometimes I get the same pain and a tylenol w/hot water soak helps. If all else fails put some ice on it

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Tuesday, when I woke up in the morning I had a shooting pain from my neck to the bottom of my shoulder blade. it's been two days and the pain is still horrible. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get rid of this pain. I've been taking Ibprofin, but it's not really helping. My husband thinks I just overworked my muscle while we played basketball on Sunday. But why did I not hurt all day Monday? Did I just sleep wrong? Idk. Help! This hurts so bad :(

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