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6/4/09 6:53 A

While I was always bigger, I was never teased too much because I wasn't one of those fatties that curled up in the fetal position when confronted. I was called fattie by some dude my freshman year and I said "How original. That was the best you could come up with you #*(#@)$ loser?!" Everyone laughed at him and he never bothered me again (though he was the tormenter of two of my friends in school. I wish they'd had the courage to stand up to him)

Another incident was in a mall when I was an adult and some teenager in front of all of his friends said "God Fatty Bo Batty." I turned around, walked up to him and said "look, I'm sorry that my brother doesn't like you like that but you need to stop stalking our family or I'm calling the cops!" and walked away. I heard all of his friends bust out laughing while he stammered. Don't mess with the fluffies.

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6/3/09 10:34 P

Thunder thighs

DEELOVE31 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/3/09 3:48 P

My husband use to say, "Babe, your just Chubby" Now he says, "Babe you were humongous!" See how the truth comes out emoticon

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6/3/09 9:37 A

As an adult, I am lucky to not have family, friends or others who call me ''fat'' names. But when I was in grade school there was one boy who used to call me ''Big Bertha.'' My name is Mary, and I never knew where the name Bertha came from, I guess he just thought it sounded funny. And most of the other kids would laugh when he said it, so I guess it did sound kind of funny. Of course, it was horrible at the time, but does not bother me to think about it now.

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6/2/09 3:31 A

Doctors call it morbidly obese.

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6/2/09 12:35 A

Chunky monkey

6/1/09 10:29 P

Medical records call it "grossly obese" uhg!

DOVIES Posts: 410
6/1/09 6:13 P

she's a "big girl"

6/1/09 5:16 P

This not a name but a comment that is often made, "Perfect face but.....

6/1/09 4:13 P

MY ex husband called me BIF {but in front} I know why hes an ex .

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
6/1/09 3:51 P

Well, my brother called me "Patti Fatty", but to me the worst thing of all is when someone says... "She has such a pretty face" as though you can't be fat and pretty too. I have threatened for years that if someone says that at my funeral, I will sit up and deck them!!!

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6/1/09 2:17 P

I have heard some nasty ones but can't do it myself. I have heard ugly alot

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5/31/09 11:44 P

I worked with a girl who was called "wide load" and *pallet a--" among other things.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,003
5/31/09 11:15 P

The teasing I endured as a child ultimately resulted in an eating disorder that I have battled for years. Don't let the bullies win!

DONSM8 Posts: 902
5/31/09 10:54 P

The two names that bothered me most was when I was called "Bacon" and the other one is "Too many Twinkies"

TROPICAL618 Posts: 467
5/31/09 7:23 P

I've been called chubby by a former coworker; people have told me I have a "big frame;" big; big butt - I was thin until my late 20's and actually grew up receiving many compliments about my appearance. (Not sure if that contributed to my weight gain). But anyway, when people made rude comments about my being overweight I was shocked, offended, and hurt. AND, I used it as motivation to lose weight. Name calling never helps anyone and I think I am just fortunate enough to realize that there is no point in internalizing other people's b.s. Sigh.

MOOKBALL Posts: 11,471
6/7/08 3:13 P

I was skinny as a child, but someone writing about me "so skinny she's ugly" was just as hurtful as all the names heavier kids got called. Those emotional wounds are the last ones to heal.

POISONMOM Posts: 874
6/6/08 9:53 A

I was not fat growing up. But they called fat people porky, oinker, hippo, chunky, tubs, and chubby.

HGFITTER Posts: 914
6/6/08 9:33 A

Years ago, a friend of mine referred to overweight people as "bag of doughnuts". I still find it very offensive.

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
6/4/08 6:44 P

the only one that called me names when I was a semi chubby kid was my brother. He called me beach ball. But he still called me that when I became a skinny teenager.

MYSPARKS7 Posts: 7,650
6/4/08 2:08 P

Porky, although I don't think that is nice.

CURIOUS96ER Posts: 243
6/4/08 12:14 P

"fatso", "tubby"

1THING Posts: 11,715
6/4/08 11:44 A

Chubby, I was always called 'big boned'

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CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
5/26/08 4:06 P

"puffy" was pretty much my "nick-name" all through high school...but i took my revenge when i started Univ! lol i was right smack at my healthy weight [mind you, top range] lol

NOW i'm at my ideal weight and my former high school colleagues don't recognize me! HA!

LEISHA4 Posts: 36
5/26/08 2:19 P

I was a fat kid, when I was a teen I lost a lot of weight, since then I have been yo yo dieting. I dont care how thin I get, I will never forget the names I was called by the kids that werent fat. I remember when i was in the 3rd grade, as a treat we would get homemade brownies and some of the kids would say, "You dont need that brownie, fatty!" I think about that now and laugh, but as a kid it was devastating! I may have lost some weight and am not a "fatty" anymore, but I will never forget the cruelty that is put on someone that is "fat".

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