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ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
1/8/12 6:02 A

For my first year of 'healthifying' I worked out at home, either with a DVD or with workout videos on the pc.
Its tough, but make it happen.
You are strong and amazing to want to improve yourself. You can do it! Have complete faith in yourself and take it one step at a time.


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1/8/12 5:07 A

Sorry about your loss.
Is there someone who can watch them so you can go to a gym or can the 13 year old babysit? For meals making family favorites into healthier. Such as tacos made with ground lean turkey and whole grain. Baking healthier muffins etc.
Maybe pre planning and having the 13 year old help you
Do you have family and friend support too?

1/7/12 11:18 A

Your children are young enough that you can just include them in eating the same healthy meals that you make for yourself. It may take a little while to make the switch for the 13-year-old, but over time they will enjoy eating healthy too. This can be better accomplished if you involve the kids in cooking and planning meals with you, and making it a fun time out of it. Kids generally love cooking, and its a challenge to them if they know they are helping mom lose weight. Added bonus is that your kids learn what is healthy too!

Exercising is a challenge while taking care of children (even though you probably already expend lots of calories chasing them around). However, a suggestion: You can use the time your oldest one is in school to exercise, and maybe you can offer to trade babysitting with another friend/s on a regular basis so that both moms get free time to themselves for a few hours. This wouldn't incur any payment since you would be trading time.

Hope yoy find some innovative ways to include the kids in your journey. Good luck. Stick with it!


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1/7/12 11:14 A

That is a tough one, but children learn by example, so let them participate if possible in workouts and healthy activities that involve movement.

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1/7/12 10:24 A

When my kids were younger, 2&3, I would wait until I put them to bed and then I would work out. Now I do it in the morning or I do it when they are playing in the basement and I will go down and use the treadmill or elliptical. I can now pop in a work out video and they will try to do it with me. When it is nice outside I can do things outside when they are playing. Like doing jumping jacks, sprints or lunges across the year.

EASTENDCLAM Posts: 2,760
1/7/12 10:17 A

Wow, that's a tough one. Can you involve the girls in exercising? 13, yes but a 2 YO? Maybe family walks? Put the 2 in a stroller and do some power walking / light running? If the 13 hasn't hit the teen attitude thing yet, can she take care of the 2 while you work out?

LINDSTROM2011 Posts: 5
1/7/12 9:07 A

How do I foucus on myself and my weight loss without feeling like I have to detach myself from my family to do it? I can wake up and feel like I can do this today then the girls age 13-2 wake up and all my foucus goes to them and then there goes my making myself better... I would apperciate any suggestions... Not using this as an excuse but I am only parent too since husband has passed away.. Want to go from emoticon to emoticon

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