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2/11/13 8:34 P

If your kids are old enough you should have them do the DVDs with you. My 5 year old does workout DVDs while I work out on my elliptical.... But then again, my kid's a fitness buff who works out for fun.... I don't know if your kids are into it but its worth a try. Sorry, I'm terrible at

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2/11/13 4:26 P

If your children can last the 20 minutes, have you thought about splitting your work-outs into 2x 15 minute sessions? You will achieve just the same. Maybe you could do what I used to do when my daughter was little. I gave her HER place in the room and we would do 'our exercises' together. She loved it and didn't interfere with me :-)


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2/11/13 3:32 P

Wow, you sound frustrated! I have two little girls (5 and 2) and working out with them around would be impossible. I wait until the small one is in bed (at 6) and then hit the treadmill or kickbox (she hangs out with my husband or watches a video.) Getting up earlier is not an option for me either. I know you want to relax at 6 when your husband gets home, but that may be the best time to do your cardio uninterrupted. Re: falling off the wagon: it happens to all of us! You did the right thing to try to get back on the proverbial horse. At least you did something, and that is so much more than so many people can say. You can do it. Sometimes it sucks, but you can totally do it.

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2/11/13 3:31 P


No worries, we all have days when things just don't go the way we planned. No need to be frustrated. it happens. Why don't you sit and have a nice cup of tea ? I find a cup of tea helps me relax and reduce stress. If you don't want tea, then how about a nice hot shower or bubble bath ? put on some of your favorite music and listen to some tunes.

And well, if you can't get in a 30 minute workout, then how about two 15 minute ones instead ? No one says you have to workout 30-60 minutes at a time. You can break your workouts up into shorter segments and still get all the benefits. So, why not do a couple of Coach Nicole's videos posted in the fitness section ? Do one 15 minute workout in the morning and one in the evening. Every little bit does make a difference.

Have you ever considered yoga ? You may find yoga helps to reduce your stress too.

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2/11/13 2:44 P

GAH. Didnt exercise for the whole weekend and ate crappy....surprisingly I stayed within my caloric range to reach my goals but it was pure junk and no exercise in the least. Woke up completely unmotivated, tried to get in the "Right" frame of mind. I talked myself up, popped in my slim in 6 DVD and had a horrible time putting effort into it - I felt so weak from skipping exercise and eating crap. I couldnt do all my reps that I nailed last week, got frustrated with myself to the point where I stopped the DVD and got angry and cried - I have to admit it did feel better to release that frustation but I wish I couldve done it through cardio or something instead. I did finish the video but didnt feel any accomplishment from it. Really frustrated with myself today. Blah. Also my elliptical stopped working for no apparent reason. it was easiest to get my cardio done on that because If I do the videos or anything I have the girls up my butt, I cant move like I need to because I trip over them or plain old kick/punch them in the face accidently of course. Where in my basement there is a play room separate from my workout room so I put a baby gate up - pop in a movie and toys for them so I can get something done ( I can see them still of course). Its frustrating because I just want a 30 minute cardio session and they both start whining like crazy by the time I hit 20 minutes. I cant get up any earlier in the morning to exercise because I run my own business (and stay at home with the kids) so I have to stay up into the wee hours already to get work things accomplished then right back up at 7. My husband works 6am-6pm. By the time he gets home its supper time and I want to relax. GAH. If you cant tell im really aggrivated today, sorry to vent to you!!

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