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4/21/13 3:18 P

I know what you mean. I have this pretty black shirt made of that knit that semi-clings to your body. before it was stuck closer to my belly.

now its looser on my belly. so even though my belly still looks pregnant lol it has shrunk and flattened a bit.

MEEMAH2013 Posts: 671
4/20/13 11:24 A

I don't weigh daily and I don't take my scale weight as seriously as I do my non-scale victories. Because I know weight fluctuates so much, I check the way my pants fit, I notice how much easier it is to get to my second floor apartment (I don't get as winded), and I check how I feel overall. These things tell me more than my scale weight does.

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4/19/13 3:38 P

Generally speaking, I always weigh myself on my scale three times, and only take the measurement when at least twice it comes up with the same number. Often times the first time is inaccurate, or if I'm off balance, it'll throw it off a few ounces. I always try to step on it the same way, in the same spot, each time. :)

Do remember though that your weight isn't a static number. It'll change as the day progresses, and it's not unusual to see gains/losses of as much as 5-10 lbs in a single 24 hour period! All normal, and not a sign of fat gain/loss.

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4/19/13 2:50 P

oh thanx. I didn't think of that at all.

well thanx.

i just used the first measurement which was 220.8. I also weighed in at 220.8 yesterday too.

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4/19/13 2:45 P

First, how far apart were the weigh ins? Second, scales do this for a variety of reasons: the floor could be uneven, you weren't standing square on the scale, battery is low, etc.

If I'm really serious about checking my weight (and I'm usually not) I'll weigh 3 times and then take the average.

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4/19/13 2:30 P

my scale is a liar. I weighed myself in at 220.8. I weighed myself again - I was 221.6.

really? why does this happen? and when this DOES happen which number do you record?

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