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1/30/12 2:18 A

thanks a lot for your replies.
that was helpful :)

1/29/12 1:29 P

If you would like to see the math calculations used to determine your calorie range; check out this link:

I think your SP calorie range is correct and will result in about 1-2 pounds lost weekly. Experiment and see how you progress.

If you udate your weight, our SP program will adjust your calorie range when appropriate.

Also keep your exercise plan (calories burned through planned exercise) current too.

SP Dietitian Becky

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1/29/12 1:12 P

Your BMR isn't directly linked to how much you should eat. It's part of the equation, but not directly related such that you can compare BMR to appropriate level of intake. You also need to consider your daily activity and exercise levels, and those vary by individuals.

I would guess that 1920 to 2200 is fine for you. You don't appear to have a lot of weight to lose, and it's slower the less there is. By the time you add your daily activities and exercise on top of that BMR, you're still creating a deficit at 2200, so would still lose weight.

(Spark suggests about 20% for daily activity. So if your BMR is around 1900, that's 2280 including daily activity and if you do 2100 calories of exercise a week that averages to 300/day, making 2580 what you'd need to support your current weight. So 1900-2200 would mean a deficit of about 400-600, or around a pound a week loss on average).

1/29/12 12:16 P

I have a little question.
I calculated my B.M.R with a program and it is about 1894.835.
my spark people program says I have to eat between 1920 to 2200 Cal each day
is that correct?
or I need to change that?
actually does spark people change the nutrition and fitness goals as I proceed in my plan?

P.S: I always track my weight in spark people.

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