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5/24/14 8:01 P

Today I am in the home stretch for preparing tomorrow's Sunday school (SS) lesson - Teaching the SS lesson is always at the very least a bit stressful for me (sometimes even more so). I want to be able to provide the information to my fellow classmates that God wants me to pass on to others.

At times it can be particularly challenging. My memory isn't as good as it once was and it sometimes takes hours to get the information into my head in a way that I am able to talk intelligently about it to others. So I must concentrate. Meditation is often quite helpful with enabling me to concentrate. I am finding that taking time to meditate on the scripture passage and praying that God will enable me to teach what He wants the class to hear is helpful.

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5/20/14 10:56 P

The only real stress I felt today was stress associated with having sweets in the house - Of course, I succumbed to their call! It's okay. They weren't that much and now there are none!

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5/19/14 9:47 P

I finished stress-buster week #3 in much better condition than I was in when it started. I am using stress-busting (coping) exercises and meditation to manage my response to stress. And I am actually sleeping better at night! emoticon

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5/17/14 11:30 A

My week started out really awful Monday's events were not expected. However, I did not totally "melt down" following the third event which was an improvement for me. Stress busting techniques learned in weeks 1 and 2 are helping. I have learned that planning for time to meditate is becoming invaluable in coping when unexpected situations arise or things don't go as planned. I spent Friday doing something really fun and now am feeling much better about the week in general.

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5/16/14 12:30 A

Ultimately, one cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle by using food to cope with stress, sadness and other emotions as well as physical hurts, aches, pains, and the like in order to obtain comfort. We must learn to get comfort from more practical activities such as meditation, exercise to work off stress and frustration, bandages when needed, warm baths, "down" time, etc; not food. Food should be used only to nourish and sustain our bodies. It's a difficult lesson for many of us to figure out and apply to our daily living.

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5/13/14 9:34 P

Stress goal: Laugh more!
Laughter is the BEST medicine.
Laughter will help me deal with stress.

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5/13/14 12:56 A

I worked Monday and had a totally TERRIBLE day. The computer would not work right and getting things done on it was slow. I lost my bank card and some cash money.

BUT I didn't have a melt down, nor did I pig out on a bunch of munchies. Instead I took some deep breaths, ate a controlled amount of chocolate, and now I am writing about my day.

I am sure tomorrow will be much better!

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5/10/14 11:51 A

Time to review my initial stress-busting goals:

1. Plan out my time (make a schedule) - put the plan into a calendar and follow it.
2. Don't eat while working on a task or project or while on the job. Take proper breaks to eat lunch, snacks, etc. Keep a container of water by my work station to drink when I feel the need to put something into my mouth!
3. Schedule exercise time and follow my schedule.
4. Set up time for meditation and relaxation (such as deep breathing exercises).
5. Plan time for some fun.

I have the schedule roughed out, but I am not sticking to it very well. I think printing and posting in a visible place will help, so I will do that.

I have been fairly good about keeping water, coffee or tea with me when I am working on projects.

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5/7/14 11:47 P

emoticon As of today, I have completed a streak of 14 days with at least 10,000 steps each day. This has been unprecedented before in my lifetime!!! I must admit that having the treadmill has helped tremendously. It gives me something to do so I can justify watching TV or reading a book at the same time. I am multi-tasking without eating! Miracles never cease! Praise the Lord! I also must admit that this exercise is helping improve my mood for the most part. It is a great way to relieve tension and stress. There is one big problem with it for me and that is that when I sit down to rest after using the treadmill, all my muscles stiffen up and become painful. This is not the most encouraging side effect of exercise/activity, BUT I was aware of that going into this because of my current health condition. I am hoping that given enough time with the treadmill, perhaps God will ease or take away my physical pain.

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5/3/14 11:18 P

So I've begun drafting out a schedule for my week. I will make sure it includes my PT (stretching/ROM) exercises, my walking workouts and time to work on projects. We will see how this goes.

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5/3/14 1:50 A

As of yesterday, I have achieved 10 days of at least 10,000 steps in-a-row. This is very NEW to me. It is even scary because I am afraid that I will not be able to keep up this streak. It is already a momentous streak as it now stands. I never would have thought that I was capable of this much consistency for this length of time, especially in the "exercise department." I did have issues today with feeling tired and not wanting to go all the way to 10,000 steps; I was pretty tired from being with the grandchildren most of the day.

I am still doing my exercises I was taught in PT on a daily basis with breaks 1 or 2 days a week as instructed. There is one I continue to have difficulty with and I know that it is one I need to do better.

I was careful what I ate calorie-wise, but I did not get in all my vegetables today. I will have to focus on that tomorrow.

I am doing better with my breathing exercises, but holding my breath at times still continues to be something I need to overcome. I think the breathing is helping with the stress.

I have managed to create a very loose schedule for fitting in my walking and exercises, and other responsibilities are falling into an order of sorts. However, I think that if I wrote out a schedule I would be able to manage my time better and feel less stressed if I actually had a printed schedule to follow.

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4/29/14 5:35 P

Well, I got side-tracked from stress-busting, so I have created a goal to write in my journal 3 times per week, so here I am. With this entry, I will bring my journal up-to-date with some of the new things I have learned and am doing.

I am learning I don't have to eat with everything I do (Imagine that!). I don't have to "multi-task" all the time! I have removed all food from the bedroom, including my secret stores.

I am exercising almost daily by walking on my new treadmill. I have achieved 10,000 steps per day for the last 6 days in-a-row!

I went to PT for 5-6 weeks for fibromyalgia to improve my flexibility and ROM. I am practicing my stretches and ROM movements nearly every day, and I am physically feeling somewhat better, although I do have times when I am quite stiff, sore and tender.

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2/23/14 1:26 A

I have started the official stress busting challenge this past week.

I am definitely a "type A" personality. I took the stress quiz and there are a number of areas where I need to improve. I also read the article on 10 high-stress personality characteristics and I have a good many of them. (Could having a mother that I was never able to please have anything to do with this? lol)

I have a challenging part-time job in healthcare and I am currently teaching a ladies Sunday school class every week while the regular teacher is out. In addition I am serving on my professional organization's program planning committee for our fall annual educational conference (at least I am not the chair like I was last year).

I eat whenever I am stressed and it seems like just about anything I do causes me stress. So I definitely could use some guidance to help me handle stress.

After looking over my week and thinking about my stressors, my main stressor seems to be being afraid that I won't be able to excel at my job (or project, or volunteer work or whatever the task seems to be). I stress so much over each task, project or assignment that I tend to procrastinate and/or wait until the last minute to get it done. Then when I am under time constraints, I work really hard to get whatever it is I need to do completed in time. The whole time I am working on the project, I am eating (well, well! - and so we know how this turns out!).

I don't have very good organizational skills, so I end up working on multiple things at the same time (multi-tasking) which often does not work out very well and sometimes also end up working into the night (not good for promoting quality sleep).

Some goals for me are:
1. Plan out my time (make a schedule) - put the plan into a calendar and follow it.
2. Don't eat while working on a task or project or while on the job. Take proper breaks to eat lunch, snacks, etc. Keep a container of water by my work station to drink when I feel the need to put something into my mouth!
3. Schedule exercise time and follow my schedule.
4. Set up time for meditation and relaxation (such as deep breathing exercises).
5. Plan time for some fun.

This is a lot for me to work on!

BETRHO48 Posts: 15,233
1/16/14 10:36 P

Thanks for reminding me of this, JIBBIE49. You are correct.

~Beth emoticon

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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
1/16/14 1:29 P

I hate to exercise as well, but I just tell myself that I know there are women in wheelchairs who would LOVE more than anything in the world to get up and exercise to "Walk away the Pounds" and so I start. That is what I call Counting My Blessings. emoticon

BETRHO48 Posts: 15,233
1/14/14 12:00 P

I really hate to exercise. But I know I need to. The fact that my usual course of exercise is walking outdoors and it is currently pouring rain where I live does not encourage me at all.
So I will dust off one of those walking at home DVDs I have and plan to use it today.

~Beth emoticon

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