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PEPIPOI Posts: 942
7/10/11 10:52 P

There are a lot of goals that I have given myself on this site. I think that I need to work through the goals and see what is really achievable. I love the goals so may not change a thing. What are your cooments? emoticon

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
7/10/11 8:42 P

Today is 7/10/11 and I was reading my last post. I seems a life time ago since I joined SparkPeople and I remember thinking I would be able to do this weight loss journey! As of today I want to say my entire family is eating better and we all have a lot more energy, we do more outside too. I have now lost just over 100 pounds!!! Thank you goes to my family and SparkPeople!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
8/25/10 9:28 P

I'm reading the BECK DIET SOLUTION, which isn't a "diet" but she teaches how to THINK like a THIN person. (Got a copy from the library.) I recommend it to everyone. (We have a support team here at Sparks.)
Walking for five minutes is better than walking for zero minutes. Exercise is essential even if I don't do very much at first. I can build up the amount that I do over time, but I have to start somewhere.
Hunger is never an emergency. It is only mildly uncomfortable. I can tolerate it. It will come and go.
I really do deserve credit for breaking old habits and it is essential for building my confidence. Once my confidence grows everything will become so much easier.
If I want to lose weight permanently, I can't make exceptions. I'd rather be thinner. I can't overeat on week-ends or any other time.
I have to develop the habit of eating every bite slowly, while sitting down, so I can fully enjoy it. It is worth developing this habit, so that I can have a lifetime of being thinner.
I'm not going to let any minor setback ruin everything I've accomplished. One mistake doesn't ruin my diet, but falling back into old habits will.
I will recommit to my diet right here, right now!
Exercise is not negotiable for good health. It needs to be a daily lifetime habit and I need to make it so. The hardest part is getting started. I'll feel so much better when I'm done. So get started!
OH WELL! I'm going to ignore this craving. I'm going to do something and let it subside. I'm turning my attention to something else, like exercise.

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
8/25/10 2:33 P

My goals go beyond losing weight. I want to feel better and be more active. I want to see all four of my kids eat healthy now and in there future. I want them to be active now and latter in life.

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