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4/24/14 10:03 A

Hello everyone. I am new to this board although I am not new to Sparkpeople. I have been on this site almost since its beginning. Although I could and would lose when I was trying it never lasted. On again and off again for years. This is what led me to the sleeve. For me it has been a life saver literally. When my surgeon got in there he found my liver to be abnormal. Blood work never really showed liver enzymes to be that high. He said had I not had this done or lost weight another way that I would be looking at having a liver transplant done in about 10 year. WOW scary stuff..... Ok now to the surgery. I lost more blood than normal so I had to stay an extra day. Kinda put me in a catch up mode. I am 54 so I did not rebound as fast as younger ones but I am 5 weeks out and feeling great. It is a process. I am learning dos and don'ts for me. Not everyone is the same and what works for one does not always work for everyone. Would I do it again??? YES.. If you asked me a few weeks ago I might have hesitated. For me it saved my life I am sure. Glory to the Lord. It was my confirmation for sure. ***surgery date was March 17, 20014

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4/8/14 4:54 P

Ragerfan, I'm having a gastric sleeve on April 10th as well. However, I'm 59! I have all the same concerns you do as well as the hopes for success! Keep posting how you are doing! It's nice to know someone out there is going through this the same time I am. If I run across any great ideas or do's and dont's, I'll share!

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3/5/14 11:39 A

Hello everyone. I'm not sure if im doing this right posting under a new topic. This is my first time in an online community. I am having my gastric sleeve april 10th and I am just looking for some extra support. to give a little background on myself, I am 25 years old, and i have struggled with my weight for my whole life. I am excited to start my new life as a healthy active individual. The thing that scares me most is having extra skin. I know that to have that be my main fear is very vain. However i am extremely determined and have no doubt that I will be successful with this surgery. I am just looking to hear everyone's successes and suggestions to help me on my way to where i want to be. Thank you

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