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2/19/12 4:44 P

Totally agree, I am doing that to my daughter and I am seeing good results, not everything is perfect but improving.

Ah, stop being a taxi driver, I told my daughter to get bus around , I charge per trip, and if she is late, I just leave without her, the whole family is not going to get delayed because the queen needs to put on mascara, or decided to sleep in.

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2/15/12 4:08 P

I agree with the poster that said she can keep her living space how she wants when she's paying for it. I'm going to assume since she's graduating, she's already 18. Your job as her means of support is over. You'll always be her parent, but you are no longer financially responsible for her. Talk to your husband, sit down with her, and explain the "grown folks rules." Rent, utilities, gas for her car, getting her a car if she doesn't have one. Let he be responsible for her own self and her needs (food, clothing, shampoo, etc.) for awhile and see how she likes "adulthood in the real world." She has no right to treat you this way, and there's no way I would put up with it.

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
2/13/12 1:54 P

Well the easy part would be to stop being a pushover, the hard part would be to clean her room and take care of her responsibilities and stop insisting that she takes care of the environment that she lives in. Granted if she just started these behaviors it might be easier to persuade her to stop but if she has been doing this for a long time you might have to accept and respect her wishes.

I hope you discover a viable solution that you both agree too.

EFP111 Posts: 54
2/12/12 1:32 A

Graduating in 4 months, has a job, bossy, her area is a mess. Sounds like she is ready to move out in 4 months. She can keep her dwelling how she likes when she is paying for it.

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2/11/12 5:56 P

Don't drive her anywhere until she had her chores done to YOUR satisfaction.

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2/11/12 2:45 P

Since my daughter got a job,she acts like a queen.She wont eat anything I cook or clean anything!She wants me to hop when she says " I need you to drive me here and there.She is going to graduate in 4 months from High School.Her room stays looking hoarded and pitiful.Her fish have to rub little windows in the green gunk to see any light.She thinks its beyond her to clean her toilet(she has her own bathroom)and she thinks im being unreasonable to ask her to help out.Otherwise we get along wonderfully.I already know i'm a pushover!Got any solutions??

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