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1/29/11 10:22 P

I got a wedding cd and picked out three songs for the pre wedding when people are being seated then I am walking down to I charish you and then when its over he is playing signed sealed and delivered by stevie wonder. So all suquest then have a band for a couple hours then he is going to plug the computer to the amps and play some of the younger music when someof the older guest leave. )

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1/27/11 10:20 P

We had a nabour who put together a quartet that played at our wedding, three instrumental people and a gaelic singer ... we'd only contracted them to do the ceremony, but they chose to stay on and do the reception as well since all we where going to have for that was music from my ipod being played.

1/27/11 9:27 P

I'm doing an outdoor wedding, so for that, I don't need music. The reception is going to be indoors at a lodge near the ceremony site, and for that, I'm hoping to be able to recruit my sister's DJ fiance for relatively cheap or just have everyone bring in acoustic guitars and jam out.

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1/26/11 7:48 P

thanks for the input!

I am doing both at the same venue. The ceremony is outside in the back of the lodge and the cocktail hour is on a porch behind where the ceremony will be.
the reception is a hike from there, so maybe a dj can set up for both? And it just dawned on me that I think I want music during the cocktail hour. O' boy. Perhaps a dj for cocktails and reception and musicians for ceremony?
When is your date? I just sent out the save the dates...seems so official now!

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1/25/11 9:49 P

Love those ideas.

Depending on your space/dj he or she can sometimes do both the reception AND the ceremony. If it is in completely different spaces, you can always ask your dj if they can accommodate both for an additional fee. It is still cheaper than hiring live musicians!!!

Another option is to buy some nice portable speakers. I have a Bose set that sounds as nice as any big bulky ones! They were a bit pricey, but something like that would be easy to have a friend or family member hit play/fade/skip/etc on.

As for us, we are having my fiances brother play at the ceremony. I will be walking down the isle to "Mario Kart Love Song". Not sure about our attendees music yet...but might go with something more traditional just to mix it up.

Good luck!

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1/23/11 11:44 A

what is everyone doing for music? i just started to consider wedding ceremony music. i dont have a dj yet or a string quartet for that matter. i'm not sure if i am going to have both or just the dj play something.
The one thing I am sure of is that I want to walk down the isle to the verve and bittersweet symphony, but I am not sure what the bridal party should walk down to, or what we should walk away from either?
As for our entrance song at the reception, I wanted to use The heavy's, how you like me now. Any thoughts?

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