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BLOND_KIRA Posts: 80
3/19/12 11:57 P

I like to use Yoga as a way to de-stress or just deep breathing. But find a plan that works for you. In our society stress is not going to go away, unfortunately. So we can just try our best to manage it. Best of luck to you.

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3/17/12 6:20 A


Have you read any of the Spark articles on emotional eating ? If not, you might want to start with this one. It has many good techniques that can help a person get past some of those rough spots.

Also, if you know that your healthy habits tend to lapse during periods of high stress, then you need to look for ways to reduce your stress. I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. So, if times of stress, how about a cup of tea ? put on some relaxing music. take time to breathe. You may find these things helpful.

CASEYTALK Posts: 1,570
3/17/12 12:09 A

Perhaps going to the spark teams page and searching for 'stress management' might turn up a team working with the same issues. There are loads of articles on it, too.


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3/16/12 11:58 P

I am a person who can loose weight while my life is level and smooth but when I get stressed or depressed i tend to eat more junk food....Im looking for a support team that will help me stay on track when times are both good and bad....and right now Im going through some minor personal issues that might make me revert back to eating junk food...
Im 40+ and about 45lbs overweight....

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