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6/12/13 1:06 P

outside of communities like Spark, WW, etc - 'common sense' about how to lose or maintain weight is not as common as we like to think. It's really hard to believe how many people don't know the things that I consider basic food knowledge. I've been at the grocery checkout line and had the cashier or bagger ask "what is that?" about some pretty common produce items!

Lots of people think quantity is the key to eating healthy, so they get the kid's meal at McDonald's.

Lots of people think that it's okay to eat as much as you want, as long as it's healthy food.

Lots of people think they should be able to eat pretty much whatever they want as long as they exercise.

the first motivation needs to be to LEARN. Then put that knowledge to use. It can take some trial and error. No one thing is going to work the same for every single person. So you need more motivation to keep trying.

in my younger days, I really could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a lb. So I never really learned just how unhealthy some foods are. You start reading labels or using a tracker that shows some detail and you can get a real eye opener!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/12/13 12:53 P

So true. It is HILARIOUS really, because now, when people say to me, "Wow, you've lost weight, how did you do it?" I simply tell them, "Working out and eating right." They are always just disappointed in my answer. Why? Because it wasn't a pill they can take or some fad diet. It was a CHANGE. So many are just looking for the easy way out.

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6/11/13 11:05 A

Very true. With the exception of people who have medical conditions that make it harder for them, of course.

But yes! I know of a few people who have wanted to lose weight, but they don't actually take the steps to do it. They'll jump on the newest bandwagon rolling through town, but fall off and stay off when it gets to the point where they don't like what they have to KEEP doing. The unsuccessful aren't interested in making it a LIFESTYLE change because they want an INSTANT result!

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6/11/13 9:06 A

i agree. The general public knows how to lose weight. They know how to exercise. They don't have their minds in the right place or don't have a BIG WHY. I work on my mind daily. I have my BIG WHY firmly in place.

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6/11/13 1:21 A

I believe that anyone who is interested in having a fit and respectable body really knows by now with all the info readily available, what to eat and drink and how much exercise is required to achieve this. Getting motivated is the key. Once motivation kicks in then results will happen. So why not work on finding something that will motivate you; then set your goals emoticon

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