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Your body needs a certain amount of each of carbs, fats and protein to be healthy. Beyond that minimum, your body can usually substitute between the three macro-nutrients to get the energy it needs. So long as you are within the recommended ranges for carbs, fats and protein, and are meeting your overall calorie targets, you should be fine.

Exercise does tend to drive the body's need for protein higher though. Most nutritionists recommend a maximum daily calorie deficit of 1000 calories (on average), so if Spark is recommending a higher intake, it is for sound reasons.


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You need to eat more as you exercise more because it is like fueling a car. If you don't fuel, it won't work. Also if your caloric deficit is too large, you won't lose weight.

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I'm confused.
How does that work? To this point, I don't want more to eat, though as my exercising increases that might change.
so, how does that work?
I don't want to eat more food, still I'm wondering what good it is to be given 500 more calories to eat due to exercise, but the fat and carbs remain the same as before we were given more calories! emoticon

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