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SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
6/4/12 12:37 P

25 kg is A Lot! for the doctors scale to be different from yours. I'd weigh a set of 10 lb weights if you have them on your scale and then see what the number reads to make sure it's reading accurately.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/3/12 8:17 A

even 0.25 kg is somewhat reasonable (when it comes to loss, weekly), but 25 KG?!!

That's over 50 pounds.
Some people have that much to lose, but don't usually do it instantly by stepping from one scale to the next emoticon

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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/3/12 1:16 A

25kg is a HUGE difference in weight! Even with clothes on and having just eaten lunch the difference should only be a kilo or 2! I would mention this to your doctor when you see them next. Someone needs new scales, and it could be you or the doctor...

Test your scales with something you know the weight off, like 2L of milk. You know that will be near enough to 2kg. If it tells you it is 1kg or 5kg, you know the problem is with your scales.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
6/2/12 9:31 A

Btw: I don't care about the number on my scale TOO much. I check it most of the time only to see if I gained or lost weight or at least ... stayed on the same number ;)

Get yourself weight at the pharmacy might give you another number?

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6/2/12 7:53 A

When measuring weight loss I use my scale at home, because it is the one I used to calculate my weight when I started my weight loss program. Couple things you have to keep in mind when being weighed at the doctors or hospital one is your clothing, I don't know about you but I am just about naked at home when I weigh myself and the other is the time of day in which you are weighed. At home I like to weigh myself in my underwear and first thing in the morning. at the doctors, I am fully dressed - my shoes and I have usually eaten or had a few cups of coffee at the least. I have found that there is a 4lb difference in the scale at the doctors and my scale at home. But my weight loss is the same on both scales and that is what counts.

6/2/12 7:25 A

I have to agree that the number seems disproportionate. I do wish you the best when you weigh at the Doc's, but I also hope you won't be too disappointed if the number isn't what you'd like to see.

Perhaps focusing on some other aspect of health might help you better? Fit of clothes, number of days/week you exercise, etc? Scales are arbitrary and unreliable, no matter where they come from, but knowing that your clothes a bit looser or that you got five or six days of exercise in this week are concrete, positive ways to applaud your efforts...

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
6/2/12 6:12 A

25 Kilo? Difference?
Thats MUCH.

I don't think thats possible, cause they have to have calibrated scales in the hospital.

Thats pretty strange!

6/2/12 4:54 A

after being weighed at the hospital i invested in scales for home. Over the last few days ive got my mates to weigh thenselves and have got accurate readings for them. I jump on and mine read 25kg difference to that at the hospital. for now im going to tell myself mine are correct. Intil i go to the doc and use different scales again. Maybe the hospital ones are infact wrong

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