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ROSEWATER_1111 Posts: 605
12/6/12 9:35 P

I'm a mindless eating at night too. It's been years that I don't need to worry about my weight since I reached my goal long time ago 20 lbs down in 100 days challenge (with myself) and body fat it's 17% at that time.

3 years ago I started doing the bodybuilding show. I need to get my body fat down to 12% or lower for the show.

Eating too much or mindless eating at night was my problem because I like to sit front of computer at night either for work or just reading or searching.

So now I found what cause my problem then I will not do it.
- I plan my schedule at night to be in the bedroom where I can read my book
- I will not sit front of computer at all. If I need to check e-mail I will use my iphone (in the bed room or living room.
- I will spend my time organize my closet
- I will spend my time take care of myself ie. painting my nail, facial mask, meditation or just stretch.

I aware that I ate too much at night, it's not because I'm hungry but it's my habit munching front of computer.

You might start to think what and why make you eating at night. Someone might keep eating at night, it's just because you don't eat enough during the day, so fix it. If it's stress, fix it.

ROSEWATER_1111 Posts: 605
12/6/12 9:24 P

Good tips emoticon

SPARKFRAN514 Posts: 52,838
10/21/12 11:33 P

Thank you team mates you tips are great and doing better with this issue. emoticon emoticon emoticon what emoticon emoticon

10/21/12 3:57 P

This is my downfall too... honestly my #1 struggle area - night time snacking. Here are some things I've done to stop:

- Get in the tub with a good book
- Paint my fingernails (harder to eat!)
- Knit
- Exercise. Relaxing yoga or walking. This not only keeps me from eating while I'm doing it, but the pride of going on Spark and entering extra burned calories gives me that excitement to not ruin it with an unhealthy snack.
- Just do it! I try to plan a small snack into the evening just so that I know I can "afford" the calories. I enjoy rice cakes, rice crackers and hummus, a piece of fruit, or a 100-calorie pack treat.

ONNALEE11 SparkPoints: (40)
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10/21/12 2:47 P

I have this problem, too, so I'm glad you posted. I got some good tips from the thread.

10/21/12 11:07 A

I also struggle with mindless eating after dinner. It helps if my husband puts the leftovers away, right after we are done with dinner, and then I stay out of the kitchen. I plan a 9pm snack so I can take medication, and sometimes it's hard to stop at the snack. I use pre-portioning to help with this. I drink water, or chew gum if I am in the kitchen, and I try not to beat myself up. I am seeking balance, not deprivation.

L-RIOT Posts: 349
10/21/12 8:29 A

My trick is to have a big water next to you and if you have urges, drink until you're full. I also eat those Fiber One Brownies if I need chocolate. Not the greatest thing but its only 90 cal and it has fiber. Good luck!

SPARKFRAN514 Posts: 52,838
10/21/12 12:30 A

thanks for the help on my mindless I copied it and printed it out and found i am not getting everything in like i should trying to stay at the low end of the calorie range. decided this week to follow your tip and plan in snacks and not try to deprive my self of these foods thanks for the wonderful you shared I am going to add you as a friend so I can let you know how the next week goers since you were so helpful

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,144)
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10/20/12 2:40 P


Have you been depriving yourself of those treats ? Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. Yes, cheese/crackers, cookies, candy, soda, etc... CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as we are mindful of the portion.

Have you been eating enough during the day ? If you're not eating enough during the day, that would explain the late night munchies. You don't have your food diary posted, so we don't know what sorts of foods you've been eating or how much. Try increasing the amount of food you eat. You may be eating too little and as a result, you're getting hungry later.

Are you eating enough servings of fresh fruit and veggies ? Fresh fruit and veggies are loaded with fiber. Foods that are high in fiber help keep us full for longer. So, when you feel an urge to munch, how about munching on a nice crunchy apple ? If you want to have two apples, eat two apples. I have yet to meet the person who could binge eat apples. At some point, you will get full.

So, why not have snacks that are more filling ? No one says you have to give up the cheese and crackers, but you do have to limit yourself. Have a couple of crackers and cheese plus the apple. You might find that more satisfying.

Because that might be the problem, you're not satisfied and now you're having the munchies.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,551)
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10/19/12 10:14 P

I have a question for you:

Have you allowed yourself to enjoy these snacks occasionally since you started on this journey?

The reason why I ask is that often people start with a bang - and give it a little bit of time down the track start to feel deprived and/or crave, which in turn leads to exactly that which you have described. IF this is the case with you, I would suggest that you allow them into your nutrition on a semi-regular basis but using common sense.

If you must have crackers, go for healthier options.

I have found that using cottage cheese and a very thin slice (using a fine potato peeler) of reduced fat tasty cheddar actually cuts a lot of the calories and fat, and keeps up the protein and "cheese" taste.

I have also found that tucking the ice-cream container under a heap of other stuff in the freezer means that I am less likely to dig around in there for it. When I DO have ice-cream, I often just cut a piece of and spear it with a fork and eat it like that, then put the container back in the freezer under everything again. I eat far less that way.

I NEVER used to crave/binge at all or had a sweet tooth, UNTIL I had lost a fair bit of weight. My Dr told me it was my body's attempt to get back to the weight that it had known and was comfortable with, for years. I just had to learn some little tricks to counter the temptation.


SPARKFRAN514 Posts: 52,838
10/19/12 9:42 P

I have been having a hard time popping crackers cheese and humus on crackers while I am cooking dinner and the last several nights i find my self eating as i clean up the kitchen after dinner. last night i just left the dirty dishes in the sink as ate 6 cookies and ate ice cream out the container have not done this in months and i find when get up set with my self i find my self eating all the more
thanks for any help

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