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2/7/13 1:34 P

Thanks everybody for the advice, it was all great... Made me feel better. My husband will be happy to know that 2% he can have :) Good points about the junk food...

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2/7/13 1:21 P

For most people who are overweight, the difference isn't going to come from which milk they put on their cereal. The difference is going to come from not having junk food takeaways 3 nights a week and not having deep fried and fatty foods for every meal.

Focus more on the basic meal contents, and the snack types, and don't worry too much about the milk. Get the milk everyone likes. Milk is good - all milk.

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2/7/13 12:38 P

great advice form dragonchilde!
stop dieting and start living-i love it!

i still drink 2%. it fits into my meal plan and that is what i like.

i often have smaller portions of the same things (or skip things like the bread or taco shells)than my kids. their calorie needs are different than mine. sometimes i have an extra serving of veggies or a salad even if the kdis aren't having that.

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They are all healthy. :) It's more about what you like and what fits into your calorie range. I can't drink anything less than 2%... tastes like water, and is just gross to me. I don't need the calories in whole, but I buy that for my girls. You DO need healthy fats in your diet to be healthy!

I would suggest the best way to diet and make your family happy is by not dieting! Eat the same things, make slow, steady healthy improvements for everyone (I started by mixing our pasta half whole wheat and half regular.) Just eat less!

Stop dieting, and start living!

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Hi There
Question! What cows milk is healthy for you fat free, 1%, 2% or homo ? Is the amounts of calcium all the same in the milk ? My husband likes 2%, but my spark menu says to use fat free to have less calories i guess. Was reading today's top 5 myths on the start page and it was saying a lot of things about not eating fat free foods... Does anyone have any good ideas on how to diet and make the whole family happy at the dinner table? Thanks

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