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I haven't heard of anything you can do at home, either. Not only that, the sorts of tests that give you any metabolic insight have very narrow ranges and need pinpoint accuracy. I don't think any home version would be reliable, even if they were available.

I have heard of some labs - and I can't remember which ones - who will accept samples for various esoteric tests... but you still have the challenge of interpreting those results. Most metabolic assays involve the endocrine system, and if that isn't in absolute balance, you do yourself significant harm by trying to "fix" just one aspect. Those tests need an endocrinologist to properly interpret them and make recommendations.

If you don't have an endocrinologist, ask your GP to refer you to one.

7/25/13 9:02 P

None that I am aware of.
You may want to contact your local hospital or fitness center. Some provide this service for a fee. A popular device is the med gem.
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Wondering if there are any at home metabolic testing one can do?

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