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4/25/13 8:33 A

emoticon Just turned 60 yesterday and have never felt better - all thanks to SP. Hope you're still going strong. And remember with regard to menopause - "this too shall pass." emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,791
5/16/12 12:17 P

Hello and welcome!

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5/14/12 10:59 A

I am new to this sight and hoping to lose about 15 lbs as my goal weight ........I am not new to having lost and gained I don't know how many pounds in my 65 years but having quit smoking and the addition of menopause has pretty much sunk any signs of working metabolism. That and underactive thyroid and it gets worse as the joints will let you know you are not a kid again. Even after having five children and keeping myself in good shape and not being more than ten pounds overweight before this I am finding it is much harder to see good results with the old methods I have used. Being retired and not as physically demanding work is having its tole on me.................... I am sure I am not alone and now I am also diagnosed with just keeps getting worse with few perks as you get older. But not one to give up on looking good and healthy and I am sure there are some stubborn gals like me out there too.......just like Maxine. We tell it like it

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