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SUNSHINE1288 Posts: 60
9/15/11 2:56 P

I'm a personal trainer. I checked out your fitness and meal trackers. I would suggest upping your sets and weights for your strength training. You should be doing at least three days of quality strength training (1 day back/biceps, 1 day chest/triceps/shoulders, 1 day legs). There's this horrible misconception that women will bulk up if their weights are too heavy. We do not have enough testosterone to do so with basic strength training. When you're strength training at the end of each set you should feel like you couldn't lift the weight one more time. You should also try more intense cardio sessions.

If you make these changes you will naturally feel hungrier because building lean muscle mass increases your metabolism. Your meals look small and nutritious. I would just add more snacks with protein and good fats as you get hungrier from working out harder.

9/15/11 2:48 P

You may find it helpful to use our Diabetes Meal Plans found with our Diabetes Resouce Center. Let me know if you need the steps to access this tool at SP.
Dietitian Becky

BEABERT Posts: 224
9/15/11 7:50 A

I also have a difficult time striking a nutritional balance. I am diabetic, have high cholesterol and need to lose weight. I struggle most days meeting goals for calories (usually too low), sodium (usually too high) and its a crap shoot on whether I stay under on fat grams. Every morning I try to plan my entire day using the nutrition tracker so I can swap foods in and out until I get in the range I need to be, but it is a challenge none the less.

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9/15/11 7:37 A

Thank you for the advice and the kind words, just scared of being below1200 cal a day as I walk between 8 and 11 miles a day with school drop off and pick ups plus taking the dog out. I'm actually eating more than before just not the sugar and fat laden things but all heathy foods, and I get full easily and not have such a need to snack. x

9/14/11 4:51 P

I think it is great that you are designing your own mealplans.
However, if you are looking for some ideas on how to stay within your ranges with meal planning, then "turn on" the SP mealplans for some additional ideas. You can use the mealplans, or make substitutions, or just gather ideas for your own mealplans.
Dietitian Becky

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9/14/11 3:32 P

I agree with the previous poster, keep tracking and looking for trends for what meals work to meet your goals. I will also sometimes go to a blank day and experiment with different meal combos to see how they add up.

You can also try following a suggested meal plan for a week or 2 just to get a feel for what hitting your goals is like.

If you are under eating calories try adding a smoothie for a snack!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/14/11 3:27 P

Sounds like you're doing GREAT!!!

You've only been doing this a week and you're mostly meeting ranges, just having difficulty getting them to balance? IIRC in the first week you're only meant to track anyway, not try to meet the ranges.

You don't have to be perfect overnight.

As you eat a variety of meals and foods, and track all of that, you will start to see trends. If you consistently have trouble meeting the fat goals, you can look in your tracker and see what fat foods (preferably plant/fish fat, not animal fat) you actually like, that you can eat more of. If you need more calories, what foods are you eating, in what kind of portions? Can you just have a large piece of meat, another cup of vegies, switch from the "no-fat" versions to the normal ones, have a glass of juice, have one more piece of fruit, have a handlful of nuts ...

There are so many ways to meet the goals. You need to find the foods that YOU like to do it with. So watch what you are eating for now, and look for trends. What really is your problem? Okay, so what foods are you eating that could resolve that problem if you ate more of them? How can you eat more of that?

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9/14/11 1:33 P

Hi I have been on this site for just over a week and I'm still having trouble meeting my nutrition targets for each day, can't seem to either get enough calories and carbs or calories and protein, I don't feel tired or lethargic even when exercising etc and I'm not hungry. Suggestions please as don't want my weight loss to be affected and my health. Fran x

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