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9/19/11 4:49 P

good choice

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9/17/11 11:49 A

CSIENK, thank you! That was a good article, and told me what I wanted to know. It seems romaine is moderately better than iceberg in protein and calcium, and better by leaps and bounds in vitamins. I'm a bit disappointed, as I'm really looking for protein boosters. Thanks for your help!

(P.S. Yes, I found the thread on protein.)

-- Pam

CSIENK Posts: 6,721
9/17/11 11:38 A

DOLORESEILEEN, I switched to romaine once I was on my own and buying my own food. I just knew it was better than iceberg (which is all my mom ever bought) but I didn't know why. Here's a link that will help explain it to you. Romaine is higher in potassium, calcium and a lot of other good things. Check it out.

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9/17/11 11:37 A

Dolores - The greener the lettuce, the better it is for you. I've been told that iceberg is the junk food of the vegie community. Maybe someone will jump in and tell us exactly WHY. I'm sure it has to do with a lot more vitamins/minerals but I'd be interested to know the answer as well. Good question!

How do you record lettuce in your daily vegetable count?

Thanks guys!


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9/17/11 11:31 A

Not about measuring, but ... I've heard that romaine is better than iceberg. Is that right? And if so, does anyone know why?


-- Pam

NOREENBX Posts: 761
9/17/11 11:27 A

I don't really count lettuce. It's so low in calories I probably burn more calories entering it in the tracker than the actual lettuce is worth. LOL

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9/17/11 10:09 A

all I can eat each day

CSIENK Posts: 6,721
9/17/11 10:07 A

Same here - I weigh, but wouldn't worry tremendously over it. I also tear rather than cut (although I have never heard of nor see metal causing lettuce edges to 'bleed' and get red edges).

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9/17/11 1:48 A

Like REDSHOES2011, I weigh rather than measure. It is much, much more accurate. I wouldn't be terribly concened about overestimating a portion of a leafy green veggie, though, as you'd have to eat barrels of it to affect weight loss.

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9/17/11 1:42 A

Lettuce is one of the few foods I'm not careful about tracking.
The food tracker has Romaine Lettuce in units of "leaves".
I use that measurement.
Even if you estimate wrong by 50% you're still only talking about maybe two calories

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9/17/11 12:05 A

I don't use a measuring cup, I weigh it on a kitchen scales to avoid mashing it to death.. It also looks more appetizing if you don't cut it.. I rip it to pieces as metal makes lettuce bleed and get red edges..

There is 8 calories in a cup of lettuce- and it as a plant is mostly wanter and carbs.. No real food value in it.. So I just smack a few leaves in my lunchbox.. Lettuce is not exactly going to push you over your calorie count like other foods..

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9/16/11 10:00 P

I've read that measuring lettuce is different than measuring other vegies. One cup counts for a serving, is this right?

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