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2/11/11 6:29 P

I'm sure you did well! :)

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2/11/11 5:37 P

I don't do much public speaking but I have had interviews for jobs and I'm currently working for a company where I want to attain a better position - what I do is; I wear my feel good clothes, the ones that make you feel good. If it's a favourite colour or it fits you really good. Then I go out there and do the best job I can. I sell myself and do the best job I can. Try not to be too negative - it will show. Be positive - you will do fine.

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2/10/11 8:56 P

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it. You need some serious positive kudos! I've suffered from depression for a very long time and a while back I read a book called, "Victory Over Darkness" by Neil T.Anderson. This was a very good book! I recommend you read it. That is one of the suggestions it gives: to look in the mirror and tell yourself you can do it. Tell yourself that you're worth it! And you are! You deserve a good job and you deserve to reach your goal! I hope this helps and I'll be saying a prayer for you tonight. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2/10/11 12:05 P

I hope it went well. Always remember that when you speak, make sure it is about something you know. Trying to speak from memory or with a paper will almost always be boring. Keep it simple, fast, and straight from what you know well.

2/10/11 1:20 A

Finally Figured,

How did it go today? I hope you did well... Please let us know!

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2/9/11 11:29 P

You can do this. They wouldn't have you doing this if they didn't feel you could do this. Best of luck, break a leg, and God go with you.

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2/9/11 9:47 A

At work I keep hearing the phrase "do the job like when no one is watching" That's how you have to look at this. You can do this! Go up there and do the best job you can. You have the skills so use them. Ignore the people at the back of the room you don't have to teach them focus on what you do have to do. They expect you to feel some of the preassure shug it off. You will be just fine you just have to believe in yourslef.

Let us know how it went.


2/7/11 10:41 P

The first thing you need to remember is that almost all of us are afraid to speak in front of our peers, and worse, is talking in front of someone YOU feel is more knowledgeable than we are. I had a similar, but very different experience this fall... As an education student, I taught a social studies unit to my son's 5th grade classroom with his teacher in the room. My son's teacher is by far one of the best I have seen, and has his masters in Administration. Again, not the same, I didn't have as much on the line. Remember, the people there WANT you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. I hope this offers some encouragement...I pray that you do well.

2/7/11 9:23 P

don't even know how to begin...

I've taught resource room for a long time due to cut backs I lost my job. eventually took a job as an instructional aid. I like it but pay is terrible. had an interview for a position today. I need this job SO badly- words couldn't begin to explain how much. anyway, they want me to do a demo lesson. SCARED out of my mind. will be observed by many teacher/principals. normally I'd probably back out but I need the money so bad I don't have a choice but to do this lesson. waiting to hear back from a teacher on what the topic should be. I feel sick. i don't think I can do this. i feel like crying. It's been awhile since I really taught and never to a whole class-bad enough when 1 person is scared i don't know what i'm doing, scared i'll mess up, scared b/c I need this so badly, don't want my husband to get his hopes up. don't want me to get my hopes up b/c i have the hardest time in the world dealing w/ disappointment. Lots of other tough stuff going on now on earth am I going to do this?? I made a good impression at the interview. i don't want them to think "who on earth is this person and where is the person we interviewed"...
I hope I didn't post in a totally inappropriate place. Maybe I just need a break tonight and will focus better tomorrow.
not even gona read this over. feeling too drained. but I would appreciate any suggestions or words of support. I'll definitely need some Wednesday afternoon when this lesson is over and done with.

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